List of Titles All The Merrie Melodies Show (1972) Episodes

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List of The Merrie Melodies Show Episodes Complete

The Merrie Melodies series has long been celebrated for its catchy tunes, lovable characters, and timeless humor. The delightful blend of music and comedy has enchanted audiences of all ages for generations. “The Merrie Melodies Show” (1972) carried forward the legacy of this beloved series, bringing together a medley of animated shorts featuring iconic characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and many more. Whether you have fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons or you’re a newcomer eager to experience the magic of Merrie Melodies, having a comprehensive list of all episodes is like rediscovering a treasure trove of animated joy. This is a list of episodes in the film The Merrie Melodies Show which was released in 1972.

List of The Merrie Melodies Show Episodes Complete

In this article, we invite you to journey into the whimsical world of “The Merrie Melodies Show (1972)” as we present you with a detailed catalog of all its episodes. From the toe-tapping musical numbers to the hilarious antics of your favorite Looney Tunes characters, we’ll cover every delightful and humorous moment in the history of this beloved series. So, whether you’re preparing to relive the classic tunes and gags or introducing a new generation to the charm of Merrie Melodies, join us as we explore the episodes that have made “The Merrie Melodies Show (1972)” a cherished part of animation history.



About The Merrie Melodies Show Cartoon

In the early 1970s, The Merrie Melodies Show burst onto television screens, bringing a delightful medley of animated shorts and unforgettable characters to a new generation of viewers. A sister series to The Bugs Bunny Show, this program celebrated the rich tapestry of Warner Bros. animation with its iconic Merrie Melodies series. As we step back in time to revisit The Merrie Melodies Show of 1972, we pay homage to its unique blend of humor, music, and timeless appeal. At the heart of The Merrie Melodies Show were the beloved animated characters that had captured the hearts of audiences for decades. Characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig took center stage in a series of classic shorts that blended humor, music, and visual gags. These characters had become cultural icons, and this show allowed a new generation to revel in their timeless antics.

What set The Merrie Melodies Show apart was its integration of music into the animation. The Merrie Melodies series was known for its catchy tunes and musical numbers, and the show’s format often featured characters breaking into song during their escapades. These musical interludes added a unique and enjoyable dimension to the cartoons. The show’s appeal was multi-generational. Young viewers were captivated by the slapstick humor and colorful characters, while adults appreciated the clever wordplay, satire, and cultural references woven into the episodes. This dual-layered humor was a hallmark of Warner Bros. animation, making it accessible and enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

Decades after its original run, The Merrie Melodies Show of 1972 remains a beloved classic, celebrating the enduring magic of Warner Bros. animation. The timeless appeal of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and their animated friends continues to bring laughter and joy to viewers of all ages. As we revisit this delightful program, we celebrate its role in preserving the charm and humor of these iconic characters for generations to come.



Cartoon The Merrie Melodies Show Episodes Filler List Full

The following is a list of the titles of each The Merrie Melodies Show Episodes in English. You can use translate to change to another language.

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The Merrie Melodies Show Segments 1

Episode 1: Mexican Cat Dance
Episode 2: Mexican Boarders
Episode 3: Nuts and Volts
Episode 4: Road to Andalay
Episode 5: Muchos Locos
Episode 6: The Music Mice-Tro
Episode 7: A Squeak in the Deep
Episode 8: It’s Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House
Episode 9: Rodent to Stardom
Episode 10: Fiesta Fiasco
Episode 11: See Ya Later Gladiator
Episode 12: Speedy Ghost to Town
Episode 13: Mexican Mousepiece
Episode 14: Assault and Peppered
Episode 15: A-Haunting We Will Go
Episode 16: Pancho’s Hideaway
Episode 17: Feather Finger
Episode 18: Moby Duck
Episode 19: A Message to Gracias
Episode 20: Go Go Amigo
Episode 21: Chili Corn Corny
Episode 22: Daffy Rents
Episode 23: The Astroduck
Episode 24: Well Worn Daffy



The Merrie Melodies Show Segments 2

Episode 1: A Scent of the Matterhorn:
Episode 2: Freudy Cat:
Episode 3: Martian Through Georgia:
Episode 4: Suppressed Duck:
Episode 5: Snow Excuse:
Episode 6: D’ Fightin’ Ones:
Episode 7: Good Noose:
Episode 8: Birds Anonymous:
Episode 9: Crows’ Feat:
Episode 10: Tease for Two:
Episode 11: The Last Hungry Cat:
Episode 12: The Spy Swatter:
Episode 13: Go Away Stowaway:
Episode 14: Corn on the Cop:
Episode 15: Rebel Without Claws:
Episode 16: Quacker Tracker:
Episode 17: A Taste of Catnip:
Episode 18: Bartholomew Versus the Wheel:
Episode 19: Nelly’s Folly:
Episode 20: Banty Raids:
Episode 21: Aqua Duck:



The Merrie Melodies Show Segments 3

Episode 1: Skyscraper Caper
Episode 2: Bugged by a Bee
Episode 3: Injun Trouble
Episode 4: Señorella and the Glass Huarache
Episode 5: Merlin the Magic Mouse
Episode 6: Corn Plastered
Episode 7: Cool Cat
Episode 8: Chimp and Zee
Episode 9: Hocus Pocus Powwow
Episode 10: I Was a Teenage Thumb
Episode 11: Hippydrome Tiger
Episode 12: Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too
Episode 13: Shamrock and Roll
Episode 14: 3 Ring Wing Ding
Episode 15: The Great Carrot Train Robbery
Episode 16: Fistic Mystic
Episode 17: Flying Circus
Episode 18: Big Game Haunt
Episode 19: Bunny and Claude
Episode 20: Feud with a Dude
Episode 21: Louvre Come Back to Me!


Cartoon The Merrie Melodies Show Filler List Full Episodes


That’s the list of episodes of The Merrie Melodies Show, each episode contains 3 story segments. To make it easier, we sort them by segment per season.

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