List of Titles All The Bugs Bunny Show (1960) Episodes

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List of The Bugs Bunny Show Episodes Complete

In the realm of classic animation, few characters have achieved the enduring popularity and cultural significance of Bugs Bunny. With his quick wit, clever one-liners, and an uncanny ability to outsmart his foes, Bugs became an iconic figure in the world of cartoons. “The Bugs Bunny Show,” which aired from the 1960s through the 2000s, served as a delightful showcase for the antics of this beloved rabbit and his Looney Tunes companions. Whether you grew up watching Bugs Bunny’s escapades or you’re discovering the charm of these timeless cartoons for the first time, having a comprehensive list of all episodes is like opening a treasure chest of animated nostalgia. Check out the list of episodes for The Bugs Bunny Show series, all of them are here.

List of The Bugs Bunny Show Episodes Complete

We invite you to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the animated brilliance of “The Bugs Bunny Show” as we present you with a detailed catalog of all its episodes. From the iconic moments with Bugs, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig to the memorable guest appearances and musical interludes, we’ll cover every delightful and hilarious segment that graced the show’s airwaves. So, whether you’re preparing to revisit the timeless humor of Bugs Bunny or introducing a new generation to the magic of these classic cartoons, join us as we explore the episodes that have made “The Bugs Bunny Show” a cherished part of animation history.



About The Bugs Bunny Show Cartoon

The Bugs Bunny Show has been a beloved fixture of television programming since its debut in the 1960s. This iconic series, featuring the incomparable Bugs Bunny and a cast of Warner Bros. animated characters, has left an indelible mark on popular culture. As we revisit The Bugs Bunny Show, we celebrate its enduring legacy as a showcase of cartoon brilliance. At the heart of The Bugs Bunny Show lies the irrepressible Bugs Bunny, one of animation’s most iconic characters. His quick wit, indomitable spirit, and unforgettable catchphrase, What’s up, Doc? have made him a cultural treasure. The show’s format typically featured Bugs introducing classic animated shorts, often starring himself alongside other beloved characters like Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Tweety Bird.

One of the show’s greatest strengths was its ability to appeal to audiences of all ages. Children delighted in the slapstick humor and zany antics, while adults appreciated the clever wordplay, satire, and pop culture references. This dual-layered humor was a hallmark of Warner Bros. animation, setting it apart from other animated offerings of the time. The Bugs Bunny Show not only showcased the classic shorts of the golden age of animation but also introduced new generations to timeless episodes like What’s Opera, Doc? and Rabbit of Seville. These episodes were masterpieces of storytelling and animation, blending humor with classical music and culture in a way that continues to captivate viewers today.

Even decades after its original run, The Bugs Bunny Show remains a cherished part of television history. Its characters and episodes have become cultural touchstones, influencing countless other animated works and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of animation enthusiasts. As we celebrate this beloved series, we honor its place in the pantheon of classic animation and the enduring magic of Bugs Bunny and his friends.



Cartoon The Bugs Bunny Show Episodes Filler List Full

The following is a list of the titles of each The Bugs Bunny Show Episodes in English. You can use translate to change to another language.

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Episode 1: Rabbit Every Monday
Episode 2: Putty Tat Trouble
Episode 3: Wild Over You
Episode 4: To Itch His Own
Episode 5: Canary Row
Episode 6: Long-Haired Hare
Episode 7: Bully for Bugs
Episode 8: My Bunny Lies Over the Sea
Episode 9: Bunker Hill Bunny
Episode 10: Which Is Witch
Episode 11: Two’s a Crowd
Episode 12: What’s Up, Doc?
Episode 13: A-Lad-In His Lamp
Episode 14: Ant Pasted
Episode 15: Rocket Squad
Episode 16: The Leghorn Blows at Midnight
Episode 17: Lovelorn Leghorn
Episode 18: High Diving Hare
Episode 19: Mutiny on the Bunny
Episode 20: Rabbit of Seville
Episode 21: Hillbilly Hare
Episode 22: The Turn-Tale Wolf
Episode 23: Big House Bunny
Episode 24: Mississippi Hare
Episode 25: Henhouse Henery
Episode 26: Hare We Go
Episode 27: Bad Time Story
Episode 28: Satain’s Waitin’
Episode 29: Daffy Doodling
Episode 30: Omni-Puss
Episode 31: Tired and Feathered
Episode 32: Man’s Best Friend
Episode 33: Ball Point Puns
Episode 34: The Unfinished Sympathy
Episode 35: Prison to Prison
Episode 36: Go Man Go
Episode 37: I’m Just Wild About Hare
Episode 38: Stage Couch
Episode 39: Do or Diet
Episode 40: Hare Brush
Episode 41: Is This a Life?
Episode 42: De-Duck-Tive Story
Episode 43: The Arto-Nuts
Episode 44: Vera’s Cruise
Episode 45: Foreign Legion Leghorn
Episode 46: Watch My Line
Episode 47: What’s Up Dog?
Episode 48: The Cat’s Bah
Episode 49: No Business Like Slow Business
Episode 50: The Honey-Mousers
Episode 51: A Star is Bored
Episode 52: A Tale of Two Kitties


List of The Bugs Bunny Show Episodes


That is the entire list of episodes in the series The Bugs Bunny Show, consisting of 2 seasons.

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