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List of New Looney Tunes Episodes

List of New Looney Tunes Episodes Complete

When it comes to classic cartoons, few names carry as much weight as the Looney Tunes. For decades, these iconic characters have been the source of laughter, nostalgia, and timeless entertainment. In the ever-evolving landscape of animation, the Looney Tunes have managed to stay relevant, capturing the hearts of new generations. One such chapter in their enduring legacy is “New Looney Tunes,” a series that breathed fresh life into these beloved characters. “New Looney Tunes” arrived on the scene in 2015, offering a modern twist on the classic Looney Tunes formula. While staying true to the core personalities of characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig, the series introduced a whole new generation to the world of these lovable misfits. It was a mix of the old and the new, blending the nostalgia of yesteryears with contemporary humor. Check out the New Looney Tunes episodes list and watch it now!

List of New Looney Tunes Episodes Complete

The show was a delightful fusion of sketch comedy, slapstick humor, and witty satire, as it followed the escapades of our favorite characters in a variety of hilarious scenarios. From Bugs’ clever quips to Daffy’s wild antics, “New Looney Tunes” had something for everyone. It was a testament to the enduring appeal of these characters and their ability to adapt to changing times while remaining as funny as ever. If you’re a lifelong fan eager to revisit the antics of these iconic characters or a newcomer curious to explore the world of “New Looney Tunes,” you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive episode guide to help you navigate this exciting series. Join us as we rediscover the timeless humor and endearing charm of Bugs, Daffy, and the whole Looney Tunes gang in “New Looney Tunes.”



About New Looney Tunes Cartoon

In 2015, the world of animation received a delightful treat with the arrival of New Looney Tunes, a fresh take on the beloved classic characters that have been entertaining audiences for generations. This animated series breathed new life into the timeless antics of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the gang, introducing their slapstick humor to a whole new generation of fans.

At the heart of New Looney Tunes was a return to the classic gags and humor that made these characters household names. The series focused on short, self-contained episodes that showcased the hilarious misadventures of Bugs, Daffy, Porky Pig, and other beloved Looney Tunes characters. It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for long-time fans while offering a fresh perspective for newcomers. What set New Looney Tunes apart was its ability to strike a balance between preserving the iconic characteristics of these characters and infusing them with a modern sensibility. Bugs Bunny remained the clever and nonchalant trickster, while Daffy Duck’s over-the-top antics provided ample laughs. The series also introduced new characters and situations, keeping the humor dynamic and relevant.

The show’s animation style remained faithful to the classic Looney Tunes look, with vibrant colors, expressive characters, and over-the-top physical comedy. It captured the essence of the original shorts while incorporating modern animation techniques to enhance the visual experience. New Looney Tunes may have arrived in a different era, but it succeeded in maintaining the enduring charm and appeal of these iconic characters. It proved that the timeless humor of Bugs, Daffy, and their pals could continue to bring laughter and joy to audiences of all ages. In the ever-evolving world of animation, this series stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Looney Tunes, a reminder that some things are truly ageless.


Cartoon New Looney Tunes Filler List Full Episodes


Cartoon New Looney Tunes Episodes Filler List Full

The following is a list of the titles of each New Looney Tunes Episodes in English. You can use translate to change to another language.

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New Looney Tunes Season 1

Episode 1: Buddha Bugs
Episode 2: Now and Zen
Episode 3: The Inside Bugs
Episode 4: Sun Valley Freeze
Episode 5: St. Bugs and the Dragon
Episode 6: Leaf It Alone
Episode 7: The Bigfoot in Bed
Episode 8: World Wide Wabbit
Episode 9: For the Love of Acorns
Episode 10: The Game Is a Foot
Episode 11: The Grim Rabbit
Episode 12: The Wringer
Episode 13: White House Wabbit
Episode 14: Bugsbarian
Episode 15: Not Lyin’ Lion
Episode 16: Ice Ice Bunny
Episode 17: Wabbit’s Wild
Episode 18: All Belts Are Off
Episode 19: Wabbit’s Best Friend
Episode 20: Annoying Ex-Boydfriend
Episode 21: Bugs vs. Snail
Episode 22: To Catch a Fairy
Episode 23: Bugs in the Garden
Episode 24: Scarecrow
Episode 25: Painter Paint Hare
Episode 26: The Spy Who Bugged Me
Episode 27: Hareplane Mode
Episode 28: Bugs of Steel
Episode 29: Big Troubles
Episode 30: Manner Maid
Episode 31: Bugsfoot
Episode 32: Grim on Vacation
Episode 33: Carrot Before the Horse
Episode 34: Trunk with Power
Episode 35: Snow Wabbit
Episode 36: Aromatherapest
Episode 37: Raising Your Spirits
Episode 38: Dust Bugster
Episode 39: Computer Bugs
Episode 40: Oil’s Well That Ends Well
Episode 41: Your Bunny or Your Life
Episode 42: Misjudgment Day
Episode 43: Splashwater Bugs
Episode 44: Fwee Wange Wabbit
Episode 45: Beaver Fever
Episode 46: Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel
Episode 47: Pain & Treasure
Episode 48: Office Rocker
Episode 49: Survivalist of the Fittest
Episode 50: The IMPoster
Episode 51: Bugs Over Par
Episode 52: Fast Feud
Episode 53: Sir Little Chin, Griffin Hunter
Episode 54: Bugs in Time
Episode 55: Airpork Security
Episode 56: Home a Clone
Episode 57: Bugs on Ice
Episode 58: Bug Scouts
Episode 59: For Whom the Bugs Trolls
Episode 60: To Beach His Own
Episode 61: Five Star Bugs
Episode 62: Yoga to Be Kidding Me
Episode 63: Rabbits of the Lost Ark
Episode 64: Appropriate Technology
Episode 65: Pork in the Road
Episode 66: Squeaks Upon a Star
Episode 67: Mile Hi Grub
Episode 68: Pole Position
Episode 69: Thirst Things First
Episode 70: Bugs of Chance
Episode 71: Bugs for Mayor
Episode 72: The Lepra-Con
Episode 73: Squeak Show
Episode 74: Rodeo Bugs
Episode 75: Slugsworthy’s Mega Mansion
Episode 76: Wile E.’s Walnuts
Episode 77: Just One of Those Days
Episode 78: Mooch Housin’ Syndrome
Episode 79: Sir Littlechin, Unicorn Hunter
Episode 80: Erin Go Bugs
Episode 81: Proud to Be a Coal Miner’s Wabbit
Episode 82: Cabin Fervor
Episode 83: The Grand Barbari-yon
Episode 84: Giant Rabbit Hunters
Episode 85: Amusement Pork
Episode 86: Now You See Me, Now You Still See Me
Episode 87: ‘Tis the Seasoning
Episode 88: Winter Blunderland
Episode 89: Ear! We! Go!
Episode 90: Hare Band
Episode 91: Bugs in the Petting Zoo
Episode 92: Hawaiian Ice
Episode 93: Quiet the Undertaking
Episode 94: Bugs Bunny?
Episode 95: Wet Feet
Episode 96: There’s a Soccer Born Every Minute
Episode 97: Pork Lift
Episode 98: Thes in the City
Episode 99: Elmer’s Fuddge
Episode 100: Angelo the Mighty Flea
Episode 101: Gorky Pork
Episode 102: Hard Hat Hare
Episode 103: Porky’s Duck-livery Service
Episode 104: The Wabbit Who Would Be King



New Looney Tunes Season 2

Episode 1: Pigmallian
Episode 2: Bugs the Gladiator
Episode 3: A Duck in the Penthouse
Episode 4: Tour De Bugs
Episode 5: Knight and Duck
Episode 6: The Color of Bunny
Episode 7: Sam and the Bullet Train
Episode 8: Swine Dining
Episode 9: Love Is in the Hare
Episode 10: Valentine’s Dayffy
Episode 11: Bigs Bunny
Episode 12: Wahder, Wahder, Everywhere
Episode 13: Porky the Disorderly
Episode 14: Game, Set, Wabbit
Episode 15: Lucky Duck
Episode 16: Free Range Foghorn
Episode 17: Love It or Survivalist It
Episode 18: The Porklight
Episode 19: Best Bugs
Episode 20: Lewis and Pork
Episode 21: Daffy the Stowaway
Episode 22: Superscooter 3000
Episode 23: Hoggin’ the Road
Episode 24: Timmmmmmbugs
Episode 25: Easter Bunny Imposter
Episode 26: Easter Tweets
Episode 27: Hoarder Up
Episode 28: Cougar, Cougar
Episode 29: The Wedding Quacksher
Episode 30: The Food Notwork
Episode 31: A Duck in the Aquarium
Episode 32: The Breezehammer
Episode 33: Quantum Sheep
Episode 34: Houston, We Have a Duck Problem
Episode 35: 10-4, Good Bunny
Episode 36: Gold Medal Wabbit
Episode 37: Cyrano de Bugs
Episode 38: Point Duck Percent
Episode 39: Sir Littlechin and the Kraken
Episode 40: Crouching Porky, Hidden Daffy
Episode 41: King Nutininkommen
Episode 42: Greenhouse Gasbag
Episode 43: Abracawabbit
Episode 44: Ponce de Calzone
Episode 45: For the Love of Fraud
Episode 46: Not So Special Delivery
Episode 47: One Carroter in Search of an Artist
Episode 48: The Duck Days of Summer
Episode 49: Etiquette Shmetiquette
Episode 50: Daffy in the Science Museum
Episode 51: Tad the Bachelor
Episode 52: Affaire du Jour
Episode 53: Top Bugs
Episode 54: Slugsmoby
Episode 55: Rhoda Rage
Episode 56: Good Duck to You, Cirque
Episode 57: Then Things Got Weird
Episode 58: Duck Duck Ghost
Episode 59: Acme Instant
Episode 60: When Marvin Comes Martian In
Episode 61: The Knight Time Is the Right Time
Episode 62: The Pepé Le Pew Affair
Episode 63: Hamsters
Episode 64: Bugs Baked
Episode 65: Vampire Me Love
Episode 66: The Tad Tucker Workout
Episode 67: Canadian Bacon
Episode 68: Bugs Bunny Saves the Universe
Episode 69: Hip Hop Hare
Episode 70: Gettin’ Your Goat
Episode 71: Spelunkheads
Episode 72: Loon-Raker
Episode 73: Angry Bird
Episode 74: Area Fifty-Run
Episode 75: Porker in the Court
Episode 76: Tad the Skydiver
Episode 77: Duck of the Flies
Episode 78: Daffy in the Bayou
Episode 79: Bugs the Sherpa
Episode 80: You Can’t Train a Pig
Episode 81: Copy Quack
Episode 82: Sir Littlechin and the Phoenix
Episode 83: Looney Luau
Episode 84: Amaduckus
Episode 85: Fowl Me Once
Episode 86: Daffy the Gaucho
Episode 87: Free Slugsworthy
Episode 88: Love Makes Me Daffy
Episode 89: Genghis Cal
Episode 90: You’re Kiln Me
Episode 91: Better Lake Than Never
Episode 92: Deduce, Part Deuce
Episode 93: #1 Grandpa
Episode 94: Porky and Thes
Episode 95: Men in Quack
Episode 96: Littlechin and the Wood Fairy
Episode 97: Tweet Team
Episode 98: Downton Wabby
Episode 99: Fowl Me Twice
Episode 100: Hare to the Throne



New Looney Tunes Season 3

Episode 1: Sir Littlechin and the Giant
Episode 2: The Wrong Brothers
Episode 3: Weiner Lose
Episode 4: Yankee Doodle Bunny
Episode 5: The Meanie and the Genie
Episode 6: In Cold Fudd
Episode 7: North Pole Position
Episode 8: Papa’s Got a Brand New Sam
Episode 9: Lifestyles of the Wealthy and Obnoxious
Episode 10: The Starship Mentalprise
Episode 11: State Fair and Balanced
Episode 12: Pussyfoot Soldier
Episode 13: Quack to the Future
Episode 14: OctoPepe
Episode 15: No Thanks Giving
Episode 16: DarkBat
Episode 17: Yosemite Samson
Episode 18: Puppy’s Got Claws
Episode 19: Driving Miss Daffy
Episode 20: Second Fiddle
Episode 21: Point Beak
Episode 22: Cal the Viking
Episode 23: Rhoda’s Road House
Episode 24: Claire de Loon
Episode 25: Daffy Duck: Motivational Guru
Episode 26: The Towering Hamsterno
Episode 27: Viktor the Science Swede
Episode 28: Dorlock and the Disorient Express
Episode 29: Regatta de Rabbit
Episode 30: When Irish Eyes are Swinin’
Episode 31: Bunny Man
Episode 32: Quagmire of Solace
Episode 33: Coyote Under Construction
Episode 34: The Bunny and the Goon
Episode 35: Model T. Fudd
Episode 36: Victory Clasp
Episode 37: Lola Rider
Episode 38: Daredevil Duck
Episode 39: Planet of the Bigfoots
Episode 40: Cold Medal Wabbit
Episode 41: No Duck Is an Island
Episode 42: My Kingdom for a Duck
Episode 43: Finders Keepers, Losers Sweepers
Episode 44: Daffy Crackpot
Episode 45: Fashion Viktor
Episode 46: Sam the Roughrider
Episode 47: Fool’s Gold
Episode 48: Bonjour, DarkBat
Episode 49: Renaissance Fair-Thee Well
Episode 50: CinderPorker
Episode 51: You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Foghorn
Episode 52: The Pepe Who Came in from the Cold
Episode 53: Smoothie Operator
Episode 54: Slugsworthy’s Slop House
Episode 55: Cal-umbus
Episode 56: Porky Pigskin
Episode 57: Riverboat Rabbit
Episode 58: Dorlock, P. I.
Episode 59: To Be the Flea, You Gotta Beat the Flea
Episode 60: The Wild Blue Blunder
Episode 61: Thomas Fuddison
Episode 62: Hiccups and Downs
Episode 63: Foghorn Foods
Episode 64: Cruise Control
Episode 65: Versailles’s Matters
Episode 66: Frank Lloyd Wrong
Episode 67: King Bugs and the Island of Lunacy
Episode 68: Swamp and Circumstance
Episode 69: Safari, So Goodie
Episode 70: It’s Snout or Never
Episode 71: From Dusk Till Dog
Episode 72: Close Encounters of the Duck Kind
Episode 73: O. M. Genie
Episode 74: Brothers in Harms
Episode 75: Rhoda Derby
Episode 76: Lake, Rattle and Roll
Episode 77: It Paint All It’s Cracked Up to Be
Episode 78: Samurai Bugs
Episode 79: Duck in the Mist
Episode 80: The Loonies
Episode 81: Dorlock Vice
Episode 82: Armageddon Outta Here
Episode 83: Substitute Porky
Episode 84: Viktor the Psychic
Episode 85: Formula One Bunny
Episode 86: Daffy Goes to Hollywood
Episode 87: A Duck in the Laundromat
Episode 88: Primo Bugs-erino
Episode 89: The Silly Six
Episode 90: Out of Towner Alien Encounter
Episode 91: Down Horace-Scope
Episode 92: The Magnificent Millicent
Episode 93: The Wrong Stuff
Episode 94: Undercover Bunny
Episode 95: The Legend of Burrito Monday


That’s the complete list of New Looney Tunes episodes from the first to the last episode. Everything is in neat order based on the release date of each season. Now you know what the titles of the New Looney Tunes cartoon series are. Thank you for visiting the Shaboys site, apart from New Looney Tunes you can also see thousands of other cartoons.


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