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List of Marsupilami (2000) Episodes

List of Marsupilami (2000) Episodes Complete

One lovable marsupial with a unique and extraordinary tail swung back into our lives in a brand-new animated series. “Marsupilami” (2000) brought the jungle adventures of this iconic character to a new generation of viewers, reminding us all why we fell in love with this zany creature in the first place. Marsupilami, with his signature long, prehensile tail and penchant for getting into comical situations, quickly became a beloved character for audiences of all ages. Whether you were a fan of the original comic by André Franquin or had fond memories of the earlier ’90s animated series, this new iteration of Marsupilami offered a fresh take on his wild escapades. Check out the Marsupilami (2000) episodes list and watch it now!

List of Marsupilami (2000) Episodes Complete

What made “Marsupilami” (2000) truly special was its ability to capture the spirit of adventure and humor that made the character a household name. With a jungle full of colorful characters, from gorillas and parrots to humans who were often more eccentric than the marsupial himself, the series promised laughter, surprises, and heartwarming moments. In this article, we invite you to join us on a journey through the lush and vibrant world of “Marsupilami” (2000) as we explore every episode of this delightful series. Whether you’re a longtime fan eager to relive the jungle shenanigans or a newcomer excited to swing into the laughter for the first time, our comprehensive episode guide will be your ticket to rediscovering the magic of Marsupilami, one hilarious episode at a time.



About Marsupilami (2000) Cartoon

Fans of animated television were treated to a delightful blast from the past with the return of “Marsupilami.” This revival of the classic character brought back the infectious energy and whimsical adventures of the lovable, long-tailed creature in a brand-new animated series. “Marsupilami” followed the misadventures of the titular character, a bright yellow creature with an incredibly long and expressive tail. Residing in the lush jungles of Palombia, Marsupilami’s boundless enthusiasm and signature catchphrase “Hoobee, hoobee!” quickly endeared him to both new and longtime fans. His jungle companions, including Maurice the Gorilla and Norman the Tarantula, added to the colorful and entertaining cast of characters.

What made the 2000 version of “Marsupilami” special was its dedication to preserving the essence of the original character and the spirit of André Franquin’s comic strip. The show’s creators embraced the vibrant and comical world of the jungle, crafting episodes that were filled with humor, heart, and plenty of wild antics. Whether Marsupilami was outsmarting the jungle’s various inhabitants or engaging in playful shenanigans, the series captured the character’s irresistible charm.

The animation style of the 2000 “Marsupilami” series was a visual treat, utilizing modern techniques to bring the lush jungle setting and its quirky inhabitants to life. The character design remained faithful to the original, retaining the iconic look and feel of Marsupilami’s world. While the revival may have had a relatively short run, it succeeded in reintroducing the beloved character to a new generation of viewers. “Marsupilami” was a joyful reminder that some characters never lose their charm, and the enduring appeal of this long-tailed wonder continues to bring smiles and laughter to fans, both young and old. In the world of animation, Marsupilami remains a timeless and cherished creature of the jungle.



Cartoon Marsupilami (2000) Episodes Filler List Full

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Marsupilami (2000) Season 1

Episode 1: The Marsupilami On Tv
Episode 2: The Marsupilami In School
Episode 3: The Marsupilami Palombada
Episode 4: The Marsupilami In The Store
Episode 5: The Marsupilami And The Gauchos
Episode 6: Small Marsupilami Is Sick
Episode 7: The Marsupilami On Safari
Episode 8: The Marsupilami In The Ring
Episode 9: The Marsupilami In New York (2)
Episode 10: The Marsupilami In New York (1)
Episode 11: The Marsupilami And Mars
Episode 12: The Marsupilami As A Toy
Episode 13: The Marsupilami At The Palace Hotel
Episode 14: The Marsupilami Highway
Episode 15: The Marsupilami In Chiquitoland
Episode 16: Marsu Superstar
Episode 17: The Marsupilami At The Zoo
Episode 18: The Rally Of Palumbien
Episode 19: The Marsupilami And Queen Cata
Episode 20: The Marsu Robot
Episode 21: The Marsu Olympic Games
Episode 22: The Marsupilami And The Curse Of The Pyramid
Episode 23: The Marsu Model
Episode 24: The Marsupilami In The Circus
Episode 25: Father And Son
Episode 26: The Marsupilami On Cruising



Marsupilami Season 2 Mon ami Marsupilami (2003)

Episode 1: The Apprentice
Episode 2: An Unforgettable Day
Episode 3: Marsu, The Rescuer
Episode 4: Grandmother Marsu
Episode 5: The Sixth Marsu
Episode 6: Boards The Mean The World
Episode 7: Talk To Marsu
Episode 8: The Chiquito Grand Prix
Episode 9: The Marsupilami Foundation
Episode 10: Bobo Takes Off
Episode 11: Monster Plants
Episode 12: Jungle Love
Episode 13: The Primeval Marsu
Episode 14: Looking For A Nanny
Episode 15: The Sky Stone
Episode 16: The Flying Thief
Episode 17: Marsu Halloween
Episode 18: Celebrated Artist
Episode 19: Sardine And Dolphin
Episode 20: The World Sensation
Episode 21: The Mysterious Reyna
Episode 22: The Floss Tree Cottage
Episode 23: El Rollerblade Davido
Episode 24: The Treasure Of Santa Pioca
Episode 25: The Cd
Episode 26: The First Meeting



Marsupilami Season 3 Houba Houba Hop! (2009)

Episode 1: The Big Sleep
Episode 2: A Whiff Of Adventure
Episode 3: Some Like It Green
Episode 4: The Palombisaurus Cemetery
Episode 5: Double Vision
Episode 6: Grotox
Episode 7: Love Struck In Palombia
Episode 8: Daddy’s Little Piafoosoo
Episode 9: Hector, The Marsusitter
Episode 10: Palombian Games
Episode 11: Let Sleeping Volcanos Lie!
Episode 12: The Hunt For The Yellow Marsu
Episode 13: Springtime For The Barbiantics
Episode 14: Green Fang
Episode 15: A Plum And A Nitwit
Episode 16: A Plum In The Soupopoaro
Episode 17: The Adventures Of Quaterwinner
Episode 18: Hide And Seek In Palombia
Episode 19: Haunting We Will Go
Episode 20: Something Fishy
Episode 21: Dangerous Appetite
Episode 22: The Palombian Bell
Episode 23: Marsu The Menace
Episode 24: Hoobah Hector
Episode 25: The Distant Cousin
Episode 26: Fort Marsupilami



Marsupilami Season 4 Houba Houba Hop! (2010)

Episode 1: Goodbye, Marsu!
Episode 2: Marsu Strikes Back
Episode 3: Sleeping Beauties
Episode 4: Leaving The Nest
Episode 5: Acute Roundophobia
Episode 6: The Christmas Truce
Episode 7: The Leekisoopi’s Jaws
Episode 8: Delicious Ursula
Episode 9: Marsu, My Hero!
Episode 10: Danger: Piranhamania!
Episode 11: S.o.s. Palombia
Episode 12: The Undo-it Gang
Episode 13: The Little Jaguar
Episode 14: Everyone’s A Vegetable
Episode 15: The Song Of Marsupilami
Episode 16: Operation Save Felicia!
Episode 17: Marsupilou
Episode 18: Hoobah Birthday To You!
Episode 19: The Return Of Calamity Jane
Episode 20: Hoobacadabra!
Episode 21: The Hidden Ear
Episode 22: It Came From Outer Space
Episode 23: Toofurkey And Chickenlittle
Episode 24: The Amazing Discovery
Episode 25: Jailhouse Jungle
Episode 26: Operation Empty Jungle



Marsupilami Season 5 Nos voisins les Marsupilamis (2012)

Episode 1: Mom Is Coming (Part 3)
Episode 2: Mom Is Coming (Part 2)
Episode 3: Mom Is Coming (Part 1)
Episode 4: Serial Junglophobias
Episode 5: Stolen Images
Episode 6: Yellow Totem Animal
Episode 7: Heaven My Marsu!
Episode 8: A Poisoned Gift
Episode 9: My Best Friend
Episode 10: Freedom Is Ours
Episode 11: My Son The Genius
Episode 12: Mom’s Rival
Episode 13: A Looter In The Night
Episode 14: The Wicked Winds
Episode 15: Stage Beasts
Episode 16: Taming A Marsupilami
Episode 17: The Invader
Episode 18: Christmas In Palombia
Episode 19: Give The Paw, Marsu!
Episode 20: Splashes In Palombia
Episode 21: The Nose Of The Marsupilami
Episode 22: The New Nest Of The Marsupilamis
Episode 23: Bobo’s Dream
Episode 24: The Sleight Of Hand
Episode 25: Piranha Check
Episode 26: My Friend Kumbo


That’s the complete list of Marsupilami (2000) episodes from the first to the last episode. Everything is in neat order based on the release date of each season. Now you know what the titles of the Marsupilami (2000) cartoon series are. Thank you for visiting the Shaboys site, apart from Marsupilami (2000) you can also see thousands of other cartoons.


Cartoon Marsupilami (2000) Filler List Full Episodes


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