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List of Marsupilami (1993) Episodes Complete

The early ’90s were a golden era for animated television, and among the colorful array of shows that graced our screens, “Marsupilami” held a special place in the hearts of many. Inspired by the iconic character created by Belgian comic artist André Franquin, this animated series introduced us to the wild and wacky adventures of the long-tailed marsupial known as Marsupilami. Debuting in 1993, “Marsupilami” brought the Amazon rainforest to life, serving as a backdrop for the quirky escapades of Marsupilami, his family, and a host of other memorable characters. With a tail that seemed to have a life of its own and a penchant for getting into all sorts of hilarious situations, Marsupilami quickly became a beloved character for viewers of all ages. Check out the Marsupilami (1993) episodes list and watch it now!

List of Marsupilami (1993) Episodes Complete

The show’s charm lay in its ability to entertain both children and adults. Whether it was Marsupilami’s playful antics, the witty humor, or the heartwarming family dynamics, “Marsupilami” had something for everyone. It was a series that transported us to a world of laughter and adventure, making us fall in love with its endearing characters. Now, whether you’re looking to relive the nostalgic moments of “Marsupilami” or discover this classic animated gem for the first time, this article is your portal to the complete episode guide of the 1993 series. Join us as we journey through the Amazon rainforest, swing from vines, and laugh heartily with Marsupilami and his friends. It’s time to rediscover the magic of this timeless animated classic, one episode at a time.



About Marsupilami (1993) Cartoon

The world of animated television was introduced to the uproarious and wild world of “Marsupilami.” This vibrant series, inspired by the classic comic strip created by André Franquin, showcased the adventures of a unique and lovable creature known as the Marsupilami. At the heart of “Marsupilami” is the titular character, a zany, yellow-furred creature with an impossibly long tail. Living in the dense jungles of Palombia, Marsupilami navigates his exotic surroundings with boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm. With his signature catchphrase “Hoobee, hoobee!” and a knack for turning everyday situations into uproarious escapades, he quickly became a fan favorite.

What set “Marsupilami” apart was its imaginative storytelling and endearing characters. Alongside Marsupilami, viewers were introduced to his jungle friends, including Maurice the Gorilla, Stewart the Elephant, and Norman the Tarantula. Together, they embarked on whimsical adventures, often entangled with the mischievous human duo of Norman and Norman’s nephew, Junior. The animation style of “Marsupilami” was colorful and lively, bringing the lush jungle and its inhabitants to vivid life. The character design of Marsupilami was both comical and endearing, making him instantly recognizable and lovable to audiences of all ages.

Despite its relatively short run, “Marsupilami” left a lasting legacy as a charming and unforgettable addition to the world of animated television. With its heartwarming stories, eccentric characters, and the infectious energy of Marsupilami himself, the series continues to be cherished by fans who fondly remember the jungle jive of this quirky and lovable creature. In the world of animation, Marsupilami remains a timeless reminder that sometimes, the wildest adventures can be found in the most unexpected places.



Cartoon Marsupilami (1993) Episodes Filler List Full

The following is a list of the titles of each Marsupilami (1993) Episodes in English. You can use translate to change to another language.

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Episode 1: Working Class Mars
Episode 2: StC King of the Beach
Episode 3: The Hairy Ape
Episode 4: Normzan of the Jungle
Episode 5: StC Room Service
Episode 6: Bathtime for Maurice
Episode 7: Hole in Mars
Episode 8: StC Crab Scouts
Episode 9: The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre
Episode 10: The Wizard of Mars
Episode 11: StC TV Jeebies
Episode 12: The Puck Stops Here
Episode 13: Mar-Sup-Du-Jour
Episode 14: S&M Kung-Fu Kitty
Episode 15: Romancing the Clone
Episode 16: Toucan Always Get What You Want
Episode 17: S&M I.Q. You, Too
Episode 18: Fear of Kites
Episode 19: Mars’ Problem Pachyderm
Episode 20: S&M Night of the Living Shnookums
Episode 21: Mars Meets Dr. Normanstein
Episode 22: Steamboat Mars
Episode 23: S&M Something Fishy
Episode 24: Someone’s in the Kitchen with Mars
Episode 25: Hey, Hey! They’re the Monkeys
Episode 26: S&M Jingle Bells, Something Smells
Episode 27: Prime Mates Forever
Episode 28: Thorn O’Plenty
Episode 29: StC Basic Insting
Episode 30: Witch Doctor Is Which?
Episode 31: A Spotless Record
Episode 32: StC A Boy and His Crab
Episode 33: Mars vs. Man
Episode 34: Cropsy-Turvy
Episode 35: StC A Crabby Honeymoon
Episode 36: Safari So Good
Episode 37: Royal Foil
Episode 38: StC Flambe, Bombe
Episode 39: Jungle Fever


That’s the complete list of Marsupilami (1993) episodes from the first to the last episode. Everything is in neat order based on the release date of each season. Now you know what the titles of the Marsupilami (1993) cartoon series are. Thank you for visiting the Shaboys site, apart from Marsupilami (1993) you can also see thousands of other cartoons.


Cartoon Marsupilami (1993) Filler List Full Episodes


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