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List of Duck Dodgers Episodes

List of Duck Dodgers Episodes Complete

In the vast and ever-expanding galaxy of animated television, there are shows that stand out as both unique and uproarious. “Duck Dodgers” is one such series that not only defied conventional cartoon norms but also left us in fits of laughter with its intergalactic escapades. This animated gem took the iconic character Daffy Duck and reimagined him as Duck Dodgers, a bumbling yet endearing space hero tasked with protecting the galaxy from various interstellar threats. Alongside his loyal and slightly more intelligent companion, the Eager Young Space Cadet (an incarnation of Porky Pig), Dodgers navigated the cosmos with equal parts courage and cluelessness. Check out the Duck Dodgers episodes list and watch it now!

List of Duck Dodgers Episodes Complete

“Duck Dodgers” was a show that merged science fiction, slapstick comedy, and satire in a way that was both entertaining and thought-provoking. It spoofed classic sci-fi tropes while delivering a dose of humor that appealed to both children and adults alike. From thwarting the nefarious plans of Marvin the Martian to facing off against a rogues’ gallery of extraterrestrial foes, Dodgers’ adventures took us to the far reaches of the universe and beyond. For those who followed the exploits of Duck Dodgers and his trusty sidekick, the series holds a special place in our hearts. But whether you’re looking to relive the cosmic capers or introduce this zany show to a new generation, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the episodes from “Duck Dodgers.” So, join us as we blast off into the wacky world of Duck Dodgers, where the only thing more infinite than space is the laughter it inspires!


About Duck Dodgers Cartoon

The world of animation was graced with the intergalactic escapades of one of the Looney Tunes’ most iconic characters in “Duck Dodgers.” This animated series took audiences on a cosmic journey with Daffy Duck, reinventing him as the bumbling yet endearing space hero we never knew we needed. At the heart of “Duck Dodgers” was the inimitable Daffy, who, in a comedic twist of fate, found himself thrust into the role of a space-faring hero, charged with protecting the galaxy from various threats. His loyal but somewhat clueless sidekick, Eager Young Space Cadet (a.k.a. Porky Pig), joined him on these zany adventures.

What made “Duck Dodgers” stand out was its clever blend of science fiction parody and classic Looney Tunes humor. The show lovingly spoofed iconic sci-fi tropes, from alien invasions to time travel, all while maintaining the slapstick comedy that Daffy Duck is known for. It was a perfect marriage of two distinct worlds that delighted both young and adult viewers.

The series featured an array of memorable characters, from the sinister Martian Commander X-2 to the lovably eccentric Dr. I.Q. High. Each episode was a comedic romp through the cosmos, filled with witty one-liners, absurd situations, and the timeless charm of Daffy Duck. “Duck Dodgers” may have had a relatively short run, but it left an indelible mark on fans who reveled in the show’s humorous take on space adventures. It showcased the enduring appeal of Daffy Duck and the Looney Tunes universe while introducing a new generation to the classic humor that has made these characters beloved for decades. In the annals of animated classics, “Duck Dodgers” is a shining star in the Looney Tunes galaxy, a testament to the timeless humor of Daffy Duck and his cosmic conquests.



Cartoon Duck Dodgers Episodes Filler List Full

The following is a list of the titles of each Duck Dodgers Episodes in English. You can use translate to change to another language.

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Duck Dodgers Season 1

Episode 1: The Trial of Duck Dodgers
Episode 2: Big Bug Mamas
Episode 3: The Fowl Friend
Episode 4: The Fast & the Feathery
Episode 5: Duck Deception
Episode 6: The Spy Who Didn’t Love Me
Episode 7: Duck Codgers
Episode 8: Where’s Baby Smartypants?
Episode 9: I’m Going to Get You Fat Sucka
Episode 10: Detained Duck
Episode 11: K-9 Kaddy
Episode 12: Pig of Action
Episode 13: Shiver Me Dodgers
Episode 14: The Wrath of Canasta
Episode 15: They Stole Dodgers’ Brain
Episode 16: The Green Loontern
Episode 17: Quarterback Quack
Episode 18: To Love a Duck
Episode 19: Hooray for Hollywood Planet
Episode 20: The Queen Is Wild
Episode 21: Back to the Academy
Episode 22: Enemy Yours
Episode 23: Duck Departure



Duck Dodgers Season 2

Episode 1: Pig Planet
Episode 2: Invictus Interruptus
Episode 3: Pet Peeved
Episode 4: The Menace of Maninsuit
Episode 5: K9 Quarry
Episode 6: Talent Show a Go-Go
Episode 7: The Love of a Father
Episode 8: The New Cadet
Episode 9: The Love Duck
Episode 10: The Fudd
Episode 11: The Mark of Xero
Episode 12: I See Duck People
Episode 13: Deathmatch Duck
Episode 14: Deconstructing Dodgers
Episode 15: M.M.O.R.P.D.
Episode 16: Old McDodgers
Episode 17: Diva Delivery
Episode 18: Castle High
Episode 19: Surf the Stars
Episode 20: Samurai Quack
Episode 21: Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace



Duck Dodgers Season 3

Episode 1: Till Doom Do Us Part
Episode 2: Villainstruck
Episode 3: Just the Two of Us
Episode 4: The Kids Are All Wrong
Episode 5: Win, Lose or Duck
Episode 6: Boar to Be Riled
Episode 7: Clean Bill of Health
Episode 8: The Best of Captains, the Worst of Captains
Episode 9: That’s Lifomatica
Episode 10: Diamond Boogie
Episode 11: Corporate Pigfall
Episode 12: The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck
Episode 13: Too Close for Combat
Episode 14: The Fins of War
Episode 15: Good Duck Hunting
Episode 16: Consumption Overruled
Episode 17: A Lame Duck Mind
Episode 18: Master & Disaster
Episode 19: All in the Crime Family
Episode 20: In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock
Episode 21: Ridealong Calamity
Episode 22: Bonafide Heroes


That’s the complete list of Duck Dodgers episodes from the first to the last episode. Everything is in neat order based on the release date of each season. Now you know what the titles of the Duck Dodgers cartoon series are. Thank you for visiting the Shaboys site, apart from Duck Dodgers you can also see thousands of other cartoons.


Cartoon Duck Dodgers Filler List Full Episodes


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