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List of Crayon Shin-chan Episodes New

List of Crayon Shin-chan Episodes Complete

In the vibrant world of anime, there are certain characters who have etched themselves into the hearts of fans worldwide, and among them is the mischievous yet endearing kindergartener known as Crayon Shin-chan. Since his debut in 1992, this iconic character has been entertaining audiences with his playful antics, irreverent humor, and a charming innocence that always seems to lead to trouble. “Crayon Shin-chan” is not your typical children’s show. Created by Yoshito Usui, the series introduces us to the daily life of Shinnosuke Nohara, affectionately known as Shin-chan, and his eclectic family, including his parents, Hiroshi and Misae, and his baby sister, Himawari. Together, they navigate the challenges of family life, school, and growing up, all while delivering laughter and heartwarming moments. Check out the Crayon Shin-chan episodes list and watch it now!

List of Crayon Shin-chan Episodes New

What sets “Crayon Shin-chan” apart is its fearless approach to humor. The show fearlessly tackles a wide range of topics, from everyday experiences to social and political satire. Shin-chan’s blunt and often inappropriate remarks, combined with his distinctive art style, have made the series both beloved and controversial, pushing the boundaries of animated comedy. Whether you’re a longtime fan eager to revisit Shin-chan’s quirky world or someone looking to discover the hilarious charm of this classic anime for the first time, this article is your gateway to the complete episode guide of “Crayon Shin-chan.” Join us as we embark on a colorful journey through the laughter, mischief, and warmth that have made Shin-chan a beloved figure in the world of anime. So, grab your crayons and get ready to dive into the world of “Crayon Shin-chan” one episode at a time!



About Crayon Shin-chan Cartoon

For over three decades, “Crayon Shin-chan” has been a beloved and irreverent fixture in the world of Japanese animation. From its debut in 1992 to its enduring presence in 2023, this iconic series has consistently pushed the boundaries of humor and entertained audiences of all ages with its lovable troublemaker, Shin-chan Nohara. At the heart of “Crayon Shin-chan” is the mischievous and endlessly entertaining Shin-chan, a 5-year-old with boundless energy and a knack for getting into hilarious scrapes. With his iconic red crayon-style hairstyle and cheeky grin, Shin-chan’s comedic antics have resonated with fans worldwide. His fearless and often inappropriate behavior, along with his innocent charm, has made him a unique character in the world of animation.

What sets “Crayon Shin-chan” apart is its fearless approach to humor. The series unapologetically tackles adult themes and satirical commentary, often through the eyes of the pint-sized protagonist. Whether Shin-chan is causing chaos at home or inadvertently revealing societal absurdities, the show’s humor is sharp and, at times, refreshingly subversive.

The animation style of “Crayon Shin-chan” is instantly recognizable, with its simple character designs and bright, vibrant colors. The show’s ability to convey expressive characters and dynamic comedic action sequences is a testament to its skilled animators. While maintaining a visually approachable style, the series has consistently delivered memorable and humorous moments. As we celebrate over three decades of “Crayon Shin-chan,” it’s clear that the show’s legacy of laughter and irreverence is as strong as ever. Its ability to navigate the fine line between innocence and irreverence has endeared it to audiences worldwide, proving that sometimes, it’s the cheeky characters who leave the most indelible marks on the world of animation. As Shin-chan continues to capture our hearts and tickle our funny bones, we can look forward to many more years of colorful adventures and unforgettable laughter.


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Cartoon Crayon Shin-chan Episodes Filler List Full

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Cartoon Crayon Shin-chan Filler List Full Episodes

Crayon Shin-chan (1992-2001)

Episode 1: Running an Errand
Episode 2: Mom’s Mornings are Busy
Episode 3: Drawing
Episode 4: Tricycles are Fun
Episode 5: My Stomach Is Going to Burst
Episode 6: A Nightmare for Dad
Episode 7: Watching Action Mask
Episode 8: School Lunch is Fun
Episode 9: Going to the Dentist
Episode 10: The Sunflower Class
Episode 11: Going on a Picnic
Episode 12: Going to the Movies
Episode 13: A Good Boy`s Present
Episode 14: Lending a Hand
Episode 15: Tidying Up
Episode 16: Raising Tadpoles
Episode 17: Bathing with Mom
Episode 18: Disaster Drills Are a Nightmare
Episode 19: I Found a Puppy
Episode 20: His Name is Shiro
Episode 21: Going for a Walk with Shiro
Episode 22: Building Shiro’s House
Episode 23: I Hate Green Peppers
Episode 24: Not Getting in Dad’s Way
Episode 25: Playing with Clay
Episode 26: Standing and Reading in the Bookstore
Episode 27: A College Girl is My Friend
Episode 28: I Want a High-Fleg Swimsuit
Episode 29: It’s Pool Time
Episode 30: Feeding Shiro
Episode 31: Marital Disputes Are a Nightmare
Episode 32: Dragnet Fishing with Our Parents
Episode 33: Going to the Barbershop
Episode 34: Protecting My Treasure
Episode 35: Filming a Video
Episode 36: Swimming in the Sea Is Fun
Episode 37: Staying at a Luxury Hotel
Episode 38: The Long Road Home
Episode 39: Mom’s Afternoon Nap
Episode 40: Attending English Class
Episode 41: Tonight, We’re Lighting Fireworks
Episode 42: Riding the Train
Episode 43: We Rode the Train
Episode 44: Choosing a Sentō
Episode 45: Take Care of Mom
Episode 46: Playing with a Bully
Episode 47: Going to the Summer Festival
Episode 48: Meeting Action Mask
Episode 49: Yoshinaga-sensei’s Date
Episode 50: The Forgotten Shiro
Episode 51: Playing Baseball with Daddy
Episode 52: Nene-chan’s Mom Is Kind
Episode 53: Grandfather Has Come
Episode 54: A Typhoon Came Around
Episode 55: Duelling
Episode 56: Writing a Letter
Episode 57: Brushing My Teeth After Eating
Episode 58: Wetting The Bed 3 Times
Episode 59: Dancing the Blues
Episode 60: Doing My Best At Sports Day
Episode 61: Running With Mommy
Episode 62: Winning a Relay
Episode 63: Fighting with Mommy
Episode 64: Playing with Soap Bubbles
Episode 65: The Bookstore Once Again
Episode 66: The Password is Misae
Episode 67: Competing with Stilts
Episode 68: Dad’s Picking Up
Episode 69: A Female College Student’s Work is Hard
Episode 70: I’m in a Play
Episode 71: My parents are fighting
Episode 72: Duel with the Cockroach
Episode 73: Bodycheck time!
Episode 74: Cleaning Daddy’s Car
Episode 75: Lost at the Department Store
Episode 76: Cleaning the hen-house
Episode 77: My Shichi-Go-San
Episode 78: Preventing a Cold
Episode 79: Helping Out Yoshinaga-sensei
Episode 80: Buying Yakiimo
Episode 81: A Hospital Visit
Episode 82: Hide-and-Seek
Episode 83: Going to the Zoo
Episode 84: The Zoo is Fun
Episode 85: Mom and the Beauty Salon
Episode 86: I Want My Year-End Gift
Episode 87: Mom and the Bank
Episode 88: Together with a Policewoman
Episode 89: Going into the Bath with Daddy
Episode 90: Staying at home with Shiro
Episode 91: Matsuzaka-sensei’s Secret
Episode 92: Grandfather Came Again
Episode 93: My First Ski
Episode 94: It’s fun being at Kazama-kun’s house
Episode 95: Action Mask and Xmas
Episode 96: Prologue
Episode 97: So Many Promises
Episode 98: Making Mochi at the Kindergarten
Episode 99: The Kotatsu is So Warm
Episode 100: Buriburizaemon’s Adventures
Episode 101: The Big Clean is a Big Endeavor
Episode 102: Going Shopping on New Year’s
Episode 103: The Action Mask Special
Episode 104: Memories from the Past Year
Episode 105: A Bonus
Episode 106: Eating O-zōni
Episode 107: Kiteflying Is Fun
Episode 108: Let’s Make a Snowman
Episode 109: Making a Lunch Box Is Tough
Episode 110: Playing House
Episode 111: Helping Out at the Bookstore
Episode 112: I’m a Photo Model
Episode 113: Trips to the Hot Springs Are Fun
Episode 114: Bathing Together in the Hot Springs
Episode 115: Bean Throwing during Setsubun
Episode 116: Mommy Goes shopping
Episode 117: I Love Hotpot in Winter
Episode 118: I Caught a Cold
Episode 119: Being a Policeman Is Tough
Episode 120: Karaoke Session
Episode 121: Buying Taiyaki
Episode 122: Sleepover at School
Episode 123: Spending the Night at School
Episode 124: Quiet in the Library
Episode 125: Practicing for the Marathon
Episode 126: The School Marathon
Episode 127: Doll Festival
Episode 128: Go to Swimming School
Episode 129: Training Shiro
Episode 130: Playing Badminton
Episode 131: Going on a Field Trip
Episode 132: Going for a Walk with Shiro
Episode 133: Ordering Pizza
Episode 134: Masao-kun’s Hamster
Episode 135: Drying the Bedsheets
Episode 136: Soccer Practice
Episode 137: Soccer Match
Episode 138: Earthquake
Episode 139: A Place for Cherry Blossom Viewing
Episode 140: Cherry Blossom Viewing Is Fun
Episode 141: A Visit to Daddy’s Office
Episode 142: Shiro is Also Hard All Day
Episode 143: Great Adventures in Dreamworld
Episode 144: Watch CC Girls
Episode 145: Action Mask is the Final Episode!
Episode 146: Traveling with Mom
Episode 147: Bonus
Episode 148: Sowing Seeds
Episode 149: Going to the Grocery Store
Episode 150: A Face Without Eyebrows
Episode 151: Daddy is Drunk
Episode 152: I Am a Detective
Episode 153: Going Shopping with Mummy
Episode 154: Carp banner festival
Episode 155: Kicking tin cans
Episode 156: Elevator girl
Episode 157: Mother’s Strained Back!
Episode 158: The Saleslady from Hell
Episode 159: Mother’s Day
Episode 160: Going Out for an Excursion
Episode 161: An Incident During the Excursion
Episode 162: Do Not Play with Fire!
Episode 163: I Hate Cleaning Up
Episode 164: Night Time Is Adult Time
Episode 165: My Book Is a Bestseller
Episode 166: Cutting Grass
Episode 167: Yoshinaga-sensei is Sick
Episode 168: Visiting My Teacher
Episode 169: I Hate Throwing Trash Away
Episode 170: The Saleslady from Hell Returns
Episode 171: Revolving Sushi
Episode 172: Helping Someone in Trouble
Episode 173: Being a Carpenter Is Tough
Episode 174: Shiro is Missing
Episode 175: Asking a Politician Questions
Episode 176: Listening to Big Sister
Episode 177: Today is Father’s Day
Episode 178: A Man Can Cook
Episode 179: Mummy Has a Toothache
Episode 180: Going to Look at Wedding Dresses
Episode 181: Playing with a Bully Again
Episode 182: Attending a Wedding Ceremony
Episode 183: A Wedding Party
Episode 184: I Can’t Sleep
Episode 185: Pool Cleaning Is Fun
Episode 186: We Won a Trip to Guam
Episode 187: Travel to Guam with My Family
Episode 188: First Time on an Airplane
Episode 189: Come to Guam
Episode 190: Guam is Awesome
Episode 191: Balloons, Balloons
Episode 192: I Found a Wallet
Episode 193: I Go Sightseeing with Granddad in Tokyo!
Episode 194: Eating Shaved Ice
Episode 195: Injection for Shiro
Episode 196: Family Camping
Episode 197: The Next Bigtime Singer
Episode 198: Continue Drawing Train Tracks
Episode 199: What a Hot Night
Episode 200: Miss Yoshinaga’s Private Life
Episode 201: Final Encounter with the Saleslady
Episode 202: Buying an Air Conditioner
Episode 203: To the Petrol Station
Episode 204: Full of Watermelons
Episode 205: How to Cut a Watermelon
Episode 206: Matsuzaka-sensei’s Date
Episode 207: Practicing sumo!
Episode 208: I Do My Best at Sumo!
Episode 209: I go to the police station!
Episode 210: I go to collect insects!
Episode 211: Cleaning up with Mom!
Episode 212: Damaged by a typhoon!
Episode 213: I confront a leader of a group of bad girls!
Episode 214: I beat you at dodge ball!
Episode 215: I am a detective!
Episode 216: An ambulance at the hospital!
Episode 217: I’m popular at the hospital!
Episode 218: Welcome newlyweds!
Episode 219: Training for a race!
Episode 220: I shoot an athletic meet on video!
Episode 221: Invincible Kuntam Robo
Episode 222: Preparing for a Play
Episode 223: Getting Rid of Demons
Episode 224: Shiro’s First Love
Episode 225: Ōedo Land: Heaven Chapter
Episode 226: Ōedo Land: Earth Chapter
Episode 227: A Bonus
Episode 228: Mom is on a diet!
Episode 229: I go to the sports club!
Episode 230: Dad lost his eyebrows!
Episode 231: I carry a portable shrine!
Episode 232: I take part in a flea market!
Episode 233: I do business at the flea market!
Episode 234: I fix the drain spout!
Episode 235: I love sushi!
Episode 236: My brother, the chickee!
Episode 237: I find a chicken!
Episode 238: I help with the washing!
Episode 239: I go to the newlyweds’ home!
Episode 240: Let’s play school!
Episode 241: Let’s have a BBQ!
Episode 242: Dad is tired!
Episode 243: Mom in her schoolgirl outfit!
Episode 244: I play with the model house!
Episode 245: I select a family photo!
Episode 246: I try my hand at sewing!
Episode 247: I hate getting shots!
Episode 248: Taking care of the guest!
Episode 249: Don’t praise me so much!
Episode 250: Dad really hates cats!
Episode 251: I play at the bookstore again today!
Episode 252: I eat ramen
Episode 253: I’m a very talented skater!
Episode 254: The newlyweds fight!
Episode 255: I Make Some Cookies
Episode 256: Miss Matsuzaka’s Marriage Meeting
Episode 257: Elections Are Sure Rough
Episode 258: Knitting a Sweater
Episode 259: Riding a Packed Train
Episode 260: Playing at Dad’s Office
Episode 261: A promise to Mom
Episode 262: Watching an Action Mask Movie
Episode 263: I also like Kuntam Robo
Episode 264: A Kindergarten Christmas party
Episode 265: I want an Xmas gift
Episode 266: A winter country adventure
Episode 267: Fashion Show Adventure
Episode 268: Kindergarten Spring Cleaning
Episode 269: The Sound of New Year’s Eve
Episode 270: Receiving Red Packets
Episode 271: Shopping With Red Packet Money
Episode 272: Here come the Grandparents
Episode 273: Going for a Ski Trip
Episode 274: Après-Ski
Episode 275: My whole family is Skiing
Episode 276: Ways to avoid being late
Episode 277: Masao’s love
Episode 278: Let’s make natto and rice!
Episode 279: Playing at a girls’ school!
Episode 280: Call me Pencil Shin-chan
Episode 281: Mimicking the Television
Episode 282: The lottery!
Episode 283: Let’s go to a funeral!
Episode 284: A snowball fight
Episode 285: I’m changing my hairstyle!
Episode 286: Visiting Kazama-kun at his illness!
Episode 287: The chairman’s house is a villa!
Episode 288: Hatena is a mysterious cat!
Episode 289: Cleaning your ears feels good!
Episode 290: Misae’s class reunion
Episode 291: The softball tournament part 1
Episode 292: The softball tournament part 2
Episode 293: A divorce at the Nohara house
Episode 294: Taking a bath by myself
Episode 295: It’s a tricycle race!
Episode 296: Eating at a ‘baikingu’!
Episode 297: I enjoy the art in a museum!
Episode 298: I’m Kazama-kun!
Episode 299: I entertain the director!
Episode 300: Dad is sick!
Episode 301: Putting on makeup is fun!
Episode 302: I get a brother!
Episode 303: Ooedo Land – Tale of Fire!
Episode 304: Ooedo Land – Tale of Water!
Episode 305: I go out even though it is windy!
Episode 306: Flower viewing is dangerous!
Episode 307: A long, tedious conversation is annoying!
Episode 308: I have a craving for ramen
Episode 309: Putting my heart into calligraphy!
Episode 310: Cleaning up the Kotatsu!
Episode 311: It’s the introduction to the Buri Buri Movie!
Episode 312: I beat you at gathering shellfish!
Episode 313: Dreadful payday!
Episode 314: Great stingy plan!
Episode 315: I play house with the leader of the gang!
Episode 316: Mom has no driver’s license!
Episode 317: Let’s learn how to drive!
Episode 318: I want to eat expensive sweets!
Episode 319: Miss Matsuzaka is tired!
Episode 320: Mom ran away from home!
Episode 321: Special lessons in traffic rules!
Episode 322: I want to see an alien!
Episode 323: My autograph book!
Episode 324: Changing wardrobes at the change of seasons!
Episode 325: Lunch is barbecued beef!
Episode 326: The racetrack is fun!
Episode 327: Riding my bicycle to kindergarten is fun!
Episode 328: Mom will get her driver’s license!
Episode 329: I go for a drive with Mom!
Episode 330: Good boy, Shin-chan!
Episode 331: I go bowling!
Episode 332: I take care of Sabu-chan!
Episode 333: I go to Tokyo Dome!
Episode 334: Strict rules of the girl leader of the group of bad kids!
Episode 335: A love letter from the girl leader of a group of bad kids!
Episode 336: I play with Dad!
Episode 337: Mountain climbing is tough!
Episode 338: The food section at the department store is fun!
Episode 339: Going to the zoo!
Episode 340: I’m going to be on a live broadcast!
Episode 341: Being a carpenter is tough!
Episode 342: I run away from home
Episode 343: I do my best at the swim meet
Episode 344: I’m good at Pachinko
Episode 345: Easy Going Mom!
Episode 346: The lost kitten!
Episode 347: I go see a new car!
Episode 348: We will not fear the bullies
Episode 349: Going to the Beach during Summer is Fun
Episode 350: Going for a boat ride
Episode 351: Time for Summer Camp
Episode 352: A Test of Courage at Camp!
Episode 353: Distressed about the melon
Episode 354: Hiroshi struggles to sleep
Episode 355: Escape from the Rain with Big Sister
Episode 356: Watching the sea lion show
Episode 357: Outdoor bathtub on a summer day
Episode 358: Making cartoons
Episode 359: An encounter with Action Mask
Episode 360: Summer vacation picture diary!
Episode 361: Public swimming pool is fun!
Episode 362: Helping Keiko and Satoshi in moving to a new house
Episode 363: I go to the post office on an errand
Episode 364: I go to the Haunted House
Episode 365: Shin-chan and Hiroshi do the cooking
Episode 366: Growing green peppers
Episode 367: Dad stops smoking
Episode 368: I go along with Miss Matsuzaka
Episode 369: I clean my lunch set
Episode 370: I try many kinds of baths
Episode 371: I play at Health Land
Episode 372: I look after the lost child
Episode 373: Perfume is evidence of an affair
Episode 374: Asking for forgiveness
Episode 375: I go fishing on the ship
Episode 376: I confront a girl prodigy
Episode 377: I go to pick up someone by car
Episode 378: Buriburizaemon’s Adventure (Thunder)
Episode 379: Yoshinaga-sensei in love
Episode 380: Mom’s yoga is dangerous
Episode 381: Tasting the famous curry
Episode 382: Taking Shiro for a walk!
Episode 383: Competition with borrowed items
Episode 384: Playing a tennis match
Episode 385: Going for a long picnic
Episode 386: Talking to a baby
Episode 387: Playing with the fax machine
Episode 388: I am a gifted painter
Episode 389: My leg is broken
Episode 390: Being troubled by a crow
Episode 391: Fighting with Kazama!
Episode 392: I still hate green peppers
Episode 393: Going out for a boat ride
Episode 394: Cleaning the mess
Episode 395: Eating a jumbo ramen bowl
Episode 396: The ice-cream incident
Episode 397: Farewell to Kazama-kun
Episode 398: I’m forgotten
Episode 399: Napping can be rough
Episode 400: Lunch at a restaurant
Episode 401: Getting a haircut with dad!
Episode 402: Playing hide and seek
Episode 403: Learning to bathe a baby
Episode 404: Mom’s part-time job
Episode 405: Miss Matsuzaka’s holiday
Episode 406: I’m a child in Nene-chan’s family
Episode 407: Unable to enter the house
Episode 408: Returning a handkerchief
Episode 409: Mom’s drunk
Episode 410: I love Nijikai
Episode 411: Darkness is fun
Episode 412: An apprentice teacher
Episode 413: Poor sparrow
Episode 414: An early New Year’s card
Episode 415: The home delivery business is tough
Episode 416: Miss Yoshinaga’s Eve
Episode 417: A baby is born
Episode 418: The last battle of Quantum
Episode 419: A big cleaning at the end of the year
Episode 420: Match selling me
Episode 421: Get excited at the year-end party
Episode 422: New Year’s Day is Busy
Episode 423: Going skiing
Episode 424: The ski slope is a fuss
Episode 425: Time for Fire Safety
Episode 426: Masao! Our hero
Episode 427: Hiroshi remains hungry
Episode 428: Auntie Masae comes to town!
Episode 429: Suffering from cold
Episode 430: I caught a cold!
Episode 431: Dating (My dating)
Episode 432: Women’s wrestling fans!
Episode 433: Shifting the snow is fun
Episode 434: This baby is cute
Episode 435: Kazama bunks a lecture
Episode 436: Driving is dangerous!
Episode 437: Drawing on a wall
Episode 438: Lucky draw
Episode 439: Chiroku clears her exam
Episode 440: Playing with Tissues
Episode 441: Time for a nap
Episode 442: Watching the beautiful stars
Episode 443: Learning calligraphy
Episode 444: Visit to a TV station
Episode 445: Fixing the TV problem
Episode 446: Learning how to eat
Episode 447: Visiting a neighbour
Episode 448: Reading at a library
Episode 449: Shin-chan and Shiro take a bath
Episode 450: A lesson in love!
Episode 451: A lesson in love! 2
Episode 452: Cute Shiro snake (It’s cute shirohebi!)
Episode 453: Stay at a hotel
Episode 454: Visit to Action Land
Episode 455: Ah, spring is here…!
Episode 456: Shiro is unwell
Episode 457: Fun with cherry blossoms!
Episode 458: A promise
Episode 459: TV stops working
Episode 460: Shiro’s favourite toy
Episode 461: Primitive era Shin-chan
Episode 462: A fight with natto
Episode 463: Bo-chan’s proposal
Episode 464: A drunken Shiro
Episode 465: I wanna go for a drive!
Episode 466: Shin-chan’s own room
Episode 467: Could it be… love??
Episode 468: Misae meets with an accident
Episode 469: Misae calls the cops
Episode 470: Matsuzaka and Kawaguchi express their feelings
Episode 471: Movie time
Episode 472: Kasukabe Defence Force
Episode 473: Kawaguchi and Matsuzaka-sensei’s date
Episode 474: Watching Sumo wrestling live
Episode 475: Yoshinaga is a drunk teacher
Episode 476: Working overtime with Dad (Dad and the overtime!)
Episode 477: Hiroshi’s business trip
Episode 478: Shin-chan will miss his father
Episode 479: Bidding goodbye to Hiroshi
Episode 480: A night without daddy
Episode 481: Playing baseball is a problem
Episode 482: Doing some cleaning
Episode 483: Shin-chan drinks coffee
Episode 484: Shin-chan visits Nene-chan
Episode 485: Grandfather’s visit
Episode 486: Boarding the bullet train
Episode 487: Dad’s misfortune (Misadventures of father?)
Episode 488: A day in Osaka
Episode 489: Heavy shopping
Episode 490: Saving a sparrow
Episode 491: A video for Hiroshi
Episode 492: Hiroshi’s return
Episode 493: Shin-chan blackmails Ryuko
Episode 494: Shin-chan cooks food
Episode 495: Shin-chan plays with Hitoshi
Episode 496: Fishing competition
Episode 497: Misae and the mouse
Episode 498: Heavy rains forecasted
Episode 499: Watching TV at midnight
Episode 500: The Tanabata festival
Episode 501: The road of Nampa is strict
Episode 502: Food poisoning is hard
Episode 503: Staying at the hospital
Episode 504: Grandfather leaving house
Episode 505: Let’s go to girls college
Episode 506: Grandpa is making a noise (Poppy-chan is alarmist?)
Episode 507: Playing with Kazama-kun!
Episode 508: Playing in the pool!
Episode 509: Still playing in the pool!
Episode 510: Choosing this year’s swimsuit
Episode 511: Taken care of by the guest house
Episode 512: Matsuzaka-sensei’s crisis
Episode 513: Misae suffers from constipation
Episode 514: Miss Matsuzaka is tensed
Episode 515: Fireworks in the sky
Episode 516: I’m a baby-sitter!
Episode 517: I chase Dad!
Episode 518: I fulfill my delivery mission!
Episode 519: Dreaming Dad!
Episode 520: Nene-chan gets mad!
Episode 521: Proposal anniversary!
Episode 522: My treasure pants!
Episode 523: My pants fly!
Episode 524: Showing off my pants!
Episode 525: Playing a taxi
Episode 526: Onishi drama Nohara bouncer
Episode 527: Playing on the roof of a department store
Episode 528: I’m the cameraman of the group leader
Episode 529: Action Mask is Very Strong
Episode 530: A mother who has fallen sheep
Episode 531: Onishi drama sequel, Nohara bouncer
Episode 532: I have a lively time at the athletic meet!
Episode 533: I’m exhausted after staying out overnight!
Episode 534: Mom tries to play golf!
Episode 535: It is I, captain Shin-chan!
Episode 536: Dad’s reunion!
Episode 537: The reunion is fun!
Episode 538: Penguin repays a kindness!
Episode 539: The fried noodles blow up!
Episode 540: What a rainy day!
Episode 541: Dad’s rear end hurts!
Episode 542: A ninja of justice
Episode 543: Dad goes to the hospital
Episode 544: Dad’s surgery
Episode 545: Dad’s hospitalized life
Episode 546: Buying Expensive Steaks
Episode 547: Three thieves and me!
Episode 548: The Action Mask Man Spider Robot of Fear!
Episode 549: I refurbish Shiro’s house!
Episode 550: Cleaning up dead leaves!
Episode 551: I prepare for winter!
Episode 552: The story of the beloved Shiro!
Episode 553: I play tag with Bo-chan!
Episode 554: I follow a date!
Episode 555: I jazz up the date!
Episode 556: Angry Red Scorpion Group!
Episode 557: No reading in the bookstore
Episode 558: Secret savings!
Episode 559: A fever attacks the whole family!
Episode 560: The defence force plays hero!
Episode 561: A bath on cold night
Episode 562: Miss Matsuzaka is asked out!
Episode 563: The Action Mask Man Big Wave Plan!
Episode 564: Year-end party can be used
Episode 565: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Soaring Chapter
Episode 566: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Lightning Chapter
Episode 567: Dramatic Crayon Shin-chan
Episode 568: Shiro is Also a Lot of Work
Episode 569: The Monkey-Crab Battle
Episode 570: Dramatic Crayon Shin-chan 2
Episode 571: I’m tired of rice cakes!
Episode 572: I have rice gruel!
Episode 573: Dad’s missing pocket money!
Episode 574: Mom’s coming-of-age celebration!
Episode 575: I won’t get out of the kotatsu!
Episode 576: I go to the department store with Dad!
Episode 577: Mom is trying to lose weight!
Episode 578: The Action Mask Man Evil genius!
Episode 579: Mom had an accident!
Episode 580: My true love
Episode 581: My confession of love
Episode 582: Hide-and-Seek with Shiro
Episode 583: Just me and dad!
Episode 584: I play with a ball alone!
Episode 585: It’s the panty thief!
Episode 586: Inviting over Miss Nanako
Episode 587: First Time on Rollerblades
Episode 588: A Showdown on Rollerblades
Episode 589: I go to the young lady’s house
Episode 590: The Action Mask Man Biggest crisis! His weak point revealed!
Episode 591: I find a lost dog
Episode 592: The Inch-High Samurai Shin-chan is Here
Episode 593: I Broke the Glass
Episode 594: We Don’t Have Money for Dinner
Episode 595: I don’t want to go home
Episode 596: A thrilling sleepover
Episode 597: Cassette Radio Surgery
Episode 598: The monkey’s intrusion!
Episode 599: My hair’s getting long!
Episode 600: Action Mask Man risks his life! The final battle!
Episode 601: I shine shoes!
Episode 602: I’m a cute shoeshine boy!
Episode 603: Kazama-kun’s secret note!
Episode 604: Momotaro’s companion
Episode 605: A burst of laughter gag
Episode 606: A peaceful day in Shiro
Episode 607: Resurrection! Hell’s sales lady
Episode 608: A new record for being late to kindergarten!
Episode 609: Addictive mail-order shopping!
Episode 610: A peaceful sleep
Episode 611: Miss Yoshinaga’s spring is just around the corner!
Episode 612: Shopping by taxi!
Episode 613: I’m an elder in a wake!
Episode 614: I go to Hokkaido with my family!
Episode 615: I eat Hokkaido!
Episode 616: A broken-down rental car!
Episode 617: I go and see the bear’s farm!
Episode 618: Relax in the open-air bath
Episode 619: Saying good-bye to Hokkaido!
Episode 620: Masterpiece? A hula-dancing dog!””
Episode 621: Cultural festival at a girls’ high school!
Episode 622: Only looking at new cars!
Episode 623: Deciding to buy a new car!
Episode 624: Rice planting is fun!
Episode 625: It is hard to pee correctly!
Episode 626: We finally bought a new car!
Episode 627: I go into action to save the pet!
Episode 628: Eating out at the noodle shop!
Episode 629: Big Crisis for Mom & Dad
Episode 630: The ballet of Mom and me!
Episode 631: Playing tag with a young lady!
Episode 632: Is Mom Gonna Die?
Episode 633: I’m Songoku
Episode 634: I want an autograph from the famous manga artist
Episode 635: Following artificial respiration
Episode 636: Mom is three-month’s pregnant!
Episode 637: My collection!
Episode 638: I can’t stop reading at the bookstore!
Episode 639: I follow along with antenatal training!
Episode 640: Kazama’s in love
Episode 641: Saving Kazama’s love!
Episode 642: Kaiden / Yuki Onna is terrifying
Episode 643: Yoshinaga-sensei is happy and crying
Episode 644: The dentist is not scared
Episode 645: I got a new mom!
Episode 646: Looking for a ball in the pool
Episode 647: I take care of pregnant Mom!
Episode 648: Hiking Up the Mountain
Episode 649: Lost in the Mountains
Episode 650: We Survive Together
Episode 651: Being elegant is uncomfortable!
Episode 652: Race between a rabbit and Shin-chan’s turtle!
Episode 653: Red Scorpion Group doing part-time work at the pool!
Episode 654: Buriburizaemon’s Adventure Fengyun Yokai Castle
Episode 655: The baby is either a boy or a girl!
Episode 656: I’m an assistant to a famous manga artist!
Episode 657: I play with Dad in the park!
Episode 658: Dad got a love letter
Episode 659: A disaster with a love letter
Episode 660: I go along with Mom’s debut in the park!
Episode 661: Aunt Masae is back!
Episode 662: Miho-chan, the man in love
Episode 663: Rehearsing delivery!
Episode 664: Kio, the world’s mischief
Episode 665: I get my ball back!
Episode 666: I be Mom’s bodyguard!
Episode 667: The Super Hero, Iron Shin-chan!
Episode 668: Dad’s Working Hard Too!
Episode 669: It Looks Like the Baby’s Coming!
Episode 670: The Baby is Coming!
Episode 671: The Baby is Here!
Episode 672: The All-Star, Dream Skit Festival!
Episode 673: The baby’s back!
Episode 674: Soothing your baby
Episode 675: I’m sooooo sleepy!
Episode 676: Taking a photo of a family of four!
Episode 677: Thinking up the baby’s name!
Episode 678: Deciding on the baby’s name!
Episode 679: (Baby Name Announcement)
Episode 680: I’m a sweet brother!
Episode 681: Combat! The Red Scorpion Group!
Episode 682: I go to buy diapers in the middle of the night!
Episode 683: I introduce Himawari!
Episode 684: Going for a picnic!
Episode 685: Home visit by the director of the kindergarten!
Episode 686: I run away with Shiro!
Episode 687: I try pottery!
Episode 688: Mom likes to collect points!
Episode 689: I’m a good baby-sitter!
Episode 690: I run a bookstore with a famous manga artist!
Episode 691: Opening a Bank Account
Episode 692: The Kyushu Grandparents Visit
Episode 693: Out with Two Grandpas
Episode 694: I’m Shinnosuke, the Businessman
Episode 695: The Grandpas Face Off
Episode 696: Playing House” Gets Real”
Episode 697: Miss Matsuzaka is stuck at an arranged introduction
Episode 698: Office worker Shinnosuke entertainment is fun
Episode 699: Himawari’s vaccination!
Episode 700: A day at the departmental store!
Episode 701: Both Grandpas Visit Again
Episode 702: Kasukabe prevention team
Episode 703: Miss Matsuzaka’s Doomed Marriage Meeting
Episode 704: Christmas Party with Schoolchildren
Episode 705: Selling Christmas Cakes
Episode 706: Looking Forward to My Present from Santa
Episode 707: Detective Nohara’s Case Files
Episode 708: Cooking Confrontation With the Young Strongman
Episode 709: Detective Nohara’s Case Files 2
Episode 710: Major Cleanup With Everyone
Episode 711: Detective Nohara’s Case Files 3
Episode 712: Looking Back at the Past Year
Episode 713: Sci-fi murder cyborg
Episode 714: New Year’s Day for everyone
Episode 715: A great game and exciting
Episode 716: Going to buy a lucky bag
Episode 717: The New Year of the 3 Matsuzaka sisters
Episode 718: The Baby Crawl Race
Episode 719: Saving a Lost Child
Episode 720: Spying on Ishizaka
Episode 721: Burdened with Housework
Episode 722: I Don’t Like Cold Days
Episode 723: A Baby Car or a Ferrari
Episode 724: The protagonist of the video
Episode 725: Brothers Need Love, Too
Episode 726: Salaryman Shinnosuke Goes on a Business Trip
Episode 727: Dad Gives Himawari a Bath
Episode 728: A Day with Miss Marilyn
Episode 729: Escape from school
Episode 730: Dad is Suffering from a Back Pain
Episode 731: Duplicate of Matsuzaka
Episode 732: A Day at the Gaming Center
Episode 733: Something is Fishy
Episode 734: Assistant Manager Plays Golf
Episode 735: Matsuzaka’s Gift for a Special Person
Episode 736: Buying Dolls for Himawari
Episode 737: Will the Kitten Find a Home
Episode 738: It’s cold in the city (Going to School During a Snowstorm)
Episode 739: Dad Forgot Something
Episode 740: Delivery by Train
Episode 741: Getting Lost on the Way
Episode 742: Has Himawari been Kidnapped?
Episode 743: We’re Looking for Marilyn
Episode 744: Are Principal’s Spectacles Magical?
Episode 745: New Clothes for Himawari
Episode 746: Marilyn Has a New Friend
Episode 747: Sleepless Nights with Himawari
Episode 748: Leave My Hand, Himawari
Episode 749: I Want to Play in the Wet Cement
Episode 750: The future of Himawari is a sympathy
Episode 751: I Need to Take a Bath for Nanako
Episode 752: Nanako Pampers Himawari
Episode 753: Matsuzaka-sensei and a younger boy
Episode 754: Happy Prince and Swallow Shin-chan
Episode 755: Going out to see the cherry blossoms
Episode 756: Naughty Himarin
Episode 757: Himawari Loves Glitter
Episode 758: A Fraud Sales Representative
Episode 759: The Three Baby-sitters
Episode 760: Children’s Day
Episode 761: A Tea Ceremony at Nene-chan’s Place
Episode 762: Fish Ceremony
Episode 763: Late for the bus again (Mom Faces Trouble)
Episode 764: We’re All Late
Episode 765: Himawari Pesters Mom
Episode 766: Dad’s Workout Plan
Episode 767: Kazama Loves Cleaning
Episode 768: A Visit to Yoshi
Episode 769: I Want a Kuntam Robo
Episode 770: Being with Himawari is tiring (Himawari is Troublesome)
Episode 771: A Ruckus at the Hotel
Episode 772: Dad Prepares a House Model
Episode 773: Kazama is Embarrassed
Episode 774: I can sell anything (Selling Pet Care Products)
Episode 775: Himawari is a Menace
Episode 776: Masao’s Tragedies
Episode 777: Mom Learns to Use a Computer
Episode 778: Playing with an Electric Massager
Episode 779: Will Yoshinaga be Lucky?
Episode 780: Yoshinaga and Ishizaka’s Love Proposal
Episode 781: Red Riding Hood and Purple Riding Hood
Episode 782: Baseball Practice
Episode 783: Baseball Match
Episode 784: Shiro, the Real Hero
Episode 785: Even on Rainy Days I Play Outside
Episode 786: Matsuzaka Gets Fooled
Episode 787: I will take care of Himawari
Episode 788: Yoshinaga-sensei is practicing newlywed life
Episode 789: Who is Following Nanako?
Episode 790: The Grandpas Have Changed
Episode 791: Honeybees in the School
Episode 792: Blowing Balloons for Himawari is a Task
Episode 793: Where is Himawari?
Episode 794: Take out the inflatable pool!
Episode 795: Greedy for Crabs
Episode 796: Is mom fooling around?
Episode 797: Spending a Holiday With the Principal
Episode 798: Mosquitoes bug me at night (Mosquitoes, You Can’t Escape)
Episode 799: We’re Looking for Stack Beetles
Episode 800: A yo-yo fishing for the Red Scorpion Corps
Episode 801: Himawari Takes a Dip in the Pool
Episode 802: The French Cursed Doll
Episode 803: Is it a School or a Haunted House?
Episode 804: We Will Visit a Haunted House
Episode 805: Standing in a Queue for the Train Tickets
Episode 806: Travelling on a Crowded Train
Episode 807: We Will Have Fun at Grandpa’s Place
Episode 808: I Will Draw a Map
Episode 809: A repayment of the Kasukabe Defense Force
Episode 810: A New AC in Our House
Episode 811: What is the Mystery Behind an Egg?
Episode 812: Taking Care of the Principal
Episode 813: Dad and I Will Clean the Garden
Episode 814: A Battle of the Cowboys
Episode 815: Mom’s Fat Test (Mom Will Burn Her Fat)
Episode 816: I Got the Onions Effortlessly
Episode 817: I Invited Trouble
Episode 818: Mom Takes a Leave From the Housework
Episode 819: Providing the Tofu With Security
Episode 820: Micchi and Yoshirin Meet at the Amusement Park
Episode 821: I Will Modify Yoshi’s Comic
Episode 822: Himawari at the Missing Centre
Episode 823: Dad is Not Scared of a Typhoon
Episode 824: I Will Answer the Questions
Episode 825: We have New Neighbours
Episode 826: Crayon Wars
Episode 827: The location corps of the TV drama came
Episode 828: Will Puffy come out? It’s Princess Kaguya of Himawari
Episode 829: I found a shiraga in my mother
Episode 830: Crayon Wars 2
Episode 831: Micchi and Yoshirin is moving
Episode 832: A relay of friendship
Episode 833: Crayon Wars 3
Episode 834: I Invited Trouble by Helping
Episode 835: Enjoying at a Picnic
Episode 836: No One Can Find Me
Episode 837: Micchi and Yoshirin Fight
Episode 838: Relaxin’ While Home Alone
Episode 839: Even Hallway Life is Comfortable
Episode 840: Himawari Gets Drunk
Episode 841: The Three-Eyed Dog
Episode 842: Dad Fights Sleep
Episode 843: A present for Miss Nanako (I’ll Make a Gift for Nanako)
Episode 844: Miss Yoshinaga’s model room (Is Yoshinaga Mam Purchasing an Apartment)
Episode 845: Playing with a flashlight (We Will Play With a Torch)
Episode 846: I can make curry (I’m an Expert at Curries!)
Episode 847: Heroine of justice: Nene!
Episode 848: Locked inside the car (Himawari is Locked in the Car)
Episode 849: Himawari is a model (Himawari’s Photo Shoot)
Episode 850: Digging up buried treasure (We Are Young Adventurers)
Episode 851: Mom’s hidden past! (I Will Find Mom’s Friend)
Episode 852: A little bonus goes a long way (We Will Eat Blowfish)
Episode 853: My first fugu (Everyone Wants Blowfish)
Episode 854: The wandering dragon!
Episode 855: Mom takes out the garbage (Mom and I Will Collect Garbage)
Episode 856: Let’s play pretend sword fight! (We are Young Samurais)
Episode 857: Three’s a crowd in a tub!
Episode 858: My data with Miss Nanako!
Episode 859: Escorting Miss Nanako!
Episode 860: Flying Paper Airplanes! (We Will Fly Planes)
Episode 861: Dad Needs Money Badly
Episode 862: I Will Keep the House Tidy
Episode 863: Miss Matsuzaka is Not Alone on Christmas
Episode 864: A trip to Hawaii with the whole family Chapter 1 Big hit
Episode 865: A trip to Hawaii with the whole family Chapter 2 Departure
Episode 866: A trip to Hawaii with the whole family
Episode 867: A trip to Hawaii with the whole family Chapter 4 Hula Dance
Episode 868: A trip to Hawaii with the whole family Chapter 5 Love
Episode 869: A trip to Hawaii with the whole family Chapter 6 Sa-yo-na-ra
Episode 870: Mom bought a sewing machine! (Mom Will Do the Stitching)
Episode 871: The Kasukabe Scorpions and their loose socks! (A Battle Between Two Groups)
Episode 872: A baby boy or a baby girl? (Will it be a Boy or a Girl?)
Episode 873: Himawari’s dream and reality! (Himawari’s Dream Comes True)
Episode 874: Young ninja’s challenge! (A Fight of the Ninjas)
Episode 875: Dad wants to be the company president (Dad Wants to Change His Jo)
Episode 876: Running errands is a pain! (My Memory is Weak)
Episode 877: Micchi and Yoshi at the bookstore! (Micchi and Yoshirin at a Bookstore)
Episode 878: Even when I’m sick, I want my snacks! (I Will Eat Doughnuts Despite the Fever)
Episode 879: A Haircut for Me and Himawari
Episode 880: We’re Going to a Recycle Store
Episode 881: Party at the Nohara Home
Episode 882: We Will Eat an Expensive Meat
Episode 883: A Rabbit in the School
Episode 884: Looking for Himawari
Episode 885: Himawari like bags
Episode 886: There are lots of vegetables
Episode 887: Farewell Micchi and Yoshirin
Episode 888: Selling an Insurance is Difficult
Episode 889: Playing Trump Cards at Nene-chan’s Place
Episode 890: Building an Ice House
Episode 891: Look! We’re Girls! (Me and My Friends Wear Himawari’s Clothes)
Episode 892: Shiro Eats a Cake
Episode 893: Dad Plays a Contest on TV
Episode 894: Mommy’s Gone! (Mom and Himawari Have Left the House)
Episode 895: Making a Second Secret Defence Base
Episode 896: Playing Hide-and-seek with Miss Matsuzaka
Episode 897: Become Himawari’s younger brother
Episode 898: Shopping With Masao
Episode 899: I Will Play a New Game Today
Episode 900: Dad Only Loves Himawari
Episode 901: We’re Going on a Picnic
Episode 902: Defence Force Rivals
Episode 903: The 3 Little Pigs
Episode 904: Youth Dad and Mom
Episode 905: My Grandfathers Pay a Surprise Visit Together
Episode 906: Dad Has a New Cellphone
Episode 907: I Get Chocobi for My Efforts
Episode 908: Today is Our Photoshoot
Episode 909: Our Rivals’ Kindergarten (Visiting a New School)
Episode 910: Mommy’s Got Hay Fever
Episode 911: Himawari the Copycat (Himawari Imitates Everyone)
Episode 912: Dad is Troubled by the Neighbours
Episode 913: Finding the Lost Envelope
Episode 914: Stop Global Warming Like Us
Episode 915: I Will Make Kazama Babysit
Episode 916: I Will Take Care of Nanako
Episode 917: He is Miss Nanako’s Father
Episode 918: A rival kindergarten child came to scout
Episode 919: Confronting rival kindergarten children
Episode 920: Bandages Are Bliss (I Hurt Myself)
Episode 921: Mom’s New Job Starts Today
Episode 922: Mom’s New Job is Difficult
Episode 923: Jan Ken Po Shinnosuke Vesus Mommy (I Play Stone-Paper-Scissors With Mom)
Episode 924: Taking an Insurance is a Good Habit
Episode 925: Keeping Daddy Healthy
Episode 926: A New Baby at Nene-chan’s House
Episode 927: Cupid Calls on Miss Matsuzaka (Miss Matsuzaka and I have been Hurt)
Episode 928: Miss Matsuzaka is Hurt, Once Again
Episode 929: Miss Matsuzaka’s Joyful Hospital Stay (Miss Matsuzaka is Admitted in the Hospital)
Episode 930: The Kasukabe Defence Training Comes Useful
Episode 931: Miss Matsuzaka and I Are Admitted in the Hospital
Episode 932: Miss Matsuzaka and the Doctor are Now Friends
Episode 933: I Ran From the Hospital
Episode 934: One More Day at the Hospital
Episode 935: I’m Discharged from the Hospital
Episode 936: I’m Trying to Walk
Episode 937: My Leg Still Hurts
Episode 938: Shin-chan Rejoins School
Episode 939: The New Teacher Acts Weird (Miss Masumi Shows Her Different Side)
Episode 940: What is in the Gift Box?
Episode 941: Buriburizaemon’s Adventure (Thunder) (1994)
Episode 942: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Storm Chapter (1994)
Episode 943: Going to the piano recital
Episode 944: Going to the villa
Episode 945: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Soaring Chapter (1995)
Episode 946: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Lightning Chapter (1995)
Episode 947: Miss Masumi Secret Behind her Spectacles
Episode 948: A War in the Nohara House
Episode 949: Mom is Upset with Dad
Episode 950: I want to enter the pool with my sister
Episode 951: Camping in School
Episode 952: We’re Going to Micchi and Yoshirin’s House
Episode 953: Go to the pool with waves
Episode 954: Eating Ice Candies
Episode 955: A Failure in the AC
Episode 956: Playing the House Game
Episode 957: Mom Has a Forgetting Habit
Episode 958: Hiccups Won’t Stop
Episode 959: Which Toy Should I Purchase?
Episode 960: I Will Exact Revenge on Himawari
Episode 961: Himawari Has Locked the Door
Episode 962: Will Himawari be a Pianist?
Episode 963: Micchi Will Tell Our Future
Episode 964: Bursting Crackers
Episode 965: I’ll Be a Silent Child Today
Episode 966: We’re Going to Visit Miss Matsuzaka
Episode 967: Playing with the Cleaning Roller
Episode 968: An embarrassing photo of Mom
Episode 969: We Will Encourage Miss Masumi
Episode 970: The Video Player Isn’t Working
Episode 971: Fighting the Mosquitoes
Episode 972: Visiting an Old Aunt
Episode 973: Mom and Me Are Looking For Shiro
Episode 974: Dad and Me Will Play the Airplane Game
Episode 975: Planet Earth is in Danger
Episode 976: Miss Matsuzaka Will Be Discharged Today
Episode 977: I’ve been messed up with Mom
Episode 978: Help foreigners
Episode 979: Kasukabe Boy Detective Agency
Episode 980: Miss Matsuzaka Rejoins School
Episode 981: Misae Tells Himawari a Story
Episode 982: We’re Going to the Park Today
Episode 983: Helping Miss Matsuzaka
Episode 984: A Robber in Our House
Episode 985: We Will Dig Out Potatoes
Episode 986: A New Dishwasher in the House
Episode 987: Searching for Kazama’s Lost Item
Episode 988: Can’t sleep for some reason tonight (I Will Stay Awake in the Night)
Episode 989: Bo-chan Gets the First Prize in Painting
Episode 990: Dad on a Morning Walk? Something is Fishy
Episode 991: I Will Spy on Dad
Episode 992: I Found a Magical Thermos
Episode 993: What are Nene-chan and Masao Hiding?
Episode 994: A New Cat in Our House
Episode 995: We Will Eat Sweet Potatoes
Episode 996: Yoshirin Has Left the House
Episode 997: Yoshirin is Back With Micchi
Episode 998: Rocky and boxing showdown
Episode 999: I can’t allow the city to get dirty
Episode 1000: Ageo-sensei’s training
Episode 1001: Will I be Gifted the Action Mask Present?
Episode 1002: We Will Follow Miss Matsuzaka
Episode 1003: Going for a Car Wash
Episode 1004: Himawari Troubles Me Again
Episode 1005: Mom Will Drop Me to School
Episode 1006: Miss Yoshinaga is Going on a Date
Episode 1007: A gratitude for the stone statue
Episode 1008: Beer is an adult taste
Episode 1009: Caught in a traffic jam
Episode 1010: Crayon Daichushingara (Sakura no Maki)
Episode 1011: Crayon Daichushingura (Snow Roll)
Episode 1012: Octopus is difficult to raise
Episode 1013: Protecting Kazama
Episode 1014: Dad Stays Out Whole Night
Episode 1015: A Brother-sister Love Between Me and Himawari
Episode 1016: We Will Find Interesting Stones Today
Episode 1017: I Will Save Nanako Today
Episode 1018: Today’s Day is Weird
Episode 1019: A female professional wrestling of the Red Scorpion Corps
Episode 1020: Going to the Market to Purchase Organic Eggs
Episode 1021: Visiting a Bumper Sale
Episode 1022: I’m Kazama’s Best Friend
Episode 1023: We’ve Realised That Pencil Cells Are Very Important
Episode 1024: Mom will Fix the Kuntam Robo
Episode 1025: Playing in the Ice
Episode 1026: Visiting the Hot Spring
Episode 1027: A translation of the director’s tears
Episode 1028: It Will be Fun in the Mall Today
Episode 1029: Patrolling the City
Episode 1030: Mom and Micchi Will Collect Money Today
Episode 1031: Nene-chan is the Tragedy Heroine
Episode 1032: I Went to School on a Holiday
Episode 1033: Mom is Working on the Savings
Episode 1034: Nene-chan Does Fortune Telling
Episode 1035: Going to a Poetry Class
Episode 1036: I Will Collect Used Cans
Episode 1037: Only I am Himawari’s Elder Brother
Episode 1038: A Toy House in Our House
Episode 1039: Himawari’s Secret Collection
Episode 1040: Masao-kun’s tough test
Episode 1041: What is Wrong With Our Memory?
Episode 1042: Mom and I Will Eat at an Expensive Restaurant
Episode 1043: What Will We Be When We Grow Up?
Episode 1044: Dad gets an Increase in Pocket Money
Episode 1045: I like Hanasaka Jiisan
Episode 1046: Life doesn’t go according to plan
Episode 1047: I want to go to a hot spring in Fukubiki
Episode 1048: Dad who is particular about hot springs
Episode 1049: Mom and I Will Take English Lessons
Episode 1050: We’re Being Recorded on the Handycam
Episode 1051: Dad Cooks Kusaya
Episode 1052: Himawari is subordinate
Episode 1053: We Will Eat Principal’s Strawberry Cake
Episode 1054: How Can I Sleep in So Much of Noise?
Episode 1055: My Skin Will Be Silky Smooth
Episode 1056: I Will Be a Lucky Boy Today
Episode 1057: Will I get to Play Football Today?
Episode 1058: Mom is Himawari’s Role Model
Episode 1059: Principal Will Tell Us a Story
Episode 1060: Who Do I Resemble
Episode 1061: Watching my Childhood Video
Episode 1062: Today Kazama Will be Shin-chan Nohara
Episode 1063: Seeing a New Flat
Episode 1064: Going to Buy a Gift
Episode 1065: Matsuzaka and Dr Tokurou’s Relationship is in Danger
Episode 1066: Watching Action Mask at a TV Store
Episode 1067: Grandfather Will Visit Us Today
Episode 1068: I Will Exercise With Grandfather
Episode 1069: We’re Going to See a Picnic Spot
Episode 1070: Mom Will Read a Story Book
Episode 1071: Me and Kazama are Going to the Salon
Episode 1072: Going on a Space Trip
Episode 1073: The Clothes Are Not Getting Dry
Episode 1074: Finding a New Home for Shiro
Episode 1075: Hiding a Gift is Not Easy
Episode 1076: The whole family is sick
Episode 1077: Enjoy Japanese summer with edamame
Episode 1078: I Will Wear a Traditional Dress
Episode 1079: We’re Making Pasta
Episode 1080: A Fight Between Himawari and the Fan
Episode 1081: Miss Ageo Hates Heights
Episode 1082: Cleaning My House
Episode 1083: The Kasukabe Defence Force Will Be Separated
Episode 1084: The Kasukabe Defence Force Unites
Episode 1085: Dad Will Write a Speech
Episode 1086: Misae Gets a New Hair Style
Episode 1087: Misae Cuts Her Hair, Once Again
Episode 1088: A New Side of Masao
Episode 1089: Cutting the Grass of the Lawn
Episode 1090: Nene-chan Turns Into a Cook
Episode 1091: Who Will Win Today’s Competition?
Episode 1092: Guests at My Place
Episode 1093: More Guest and More Talks
Episode 1094: A Big Family is So Much Fun
Episode 1095: Dad Tells Us a Story
Episode 1096: Dad Brings a Doll for Himawari
Episode 1097: I’m Going Out With Nanako
Episode 1098: What Do I Want From the Market?
Episode 1099: We Will Click Many Pictures Today
Episode 1100: What Will Dr Tokurou Say?
Episode 1101: We Have a lot of Coupons
Episode 1102: Famous Comic Writer Arrested
Episode 1103: We Will Help Miss Matsuzaka
Episode 1104: What Will Happen to Dr Tokurou? / Miss Matsuzaka is in a Bad Mood / We Are Going to the Airport
Episode 1105: Mom and Dad’s Past
Episode 1106: Himawari Troubles Me a Lot
Episode 1107: A Special Training for Shiro
Episode 1108: Mom is Troubled by the Rains
Episode 1109: Dad Will Work on a Holiday
Episode 1110: Himawari Visits My School
Episode 1111: Listening to the Crickets Chirp
Episode 1112: I Won’t Give My Hippo Clip to Anyone
Episode 1113: Nene-chan’s Special Skill
Episode 1114: Himawari Leads Me in a Trouble Always
Episode 1115: Mysterious Magical Girl Mari-chan☆
Episode 1116: Mysterious witch Mari-chan
Episode 1117: Get a gold metal
Episode 1118: Detective Nohara’s Casebook Idol Assassination Plan
Episode 1119: Detective Nohara’s casebook assassination group undercover investigation
Episode 1120: Driving a Car is Risky
Episode 1121: Dad Is Suffering From Severe Toothache
Episode 1122: I Will Cook Tasty Food
Episode 1123: The Summers Have Ended and the Winters Have Begun
Episode 1124: Visiting a College Festival With Nanako
Episode 1125: Playing a Unique Game With Dad
Episode 1126: Mom Drinks a Bitter Medicine
Episode 1127: Watching a Film Shooting
Episode 1128: Mom Will Make Momos
Episode 1129: A Storm Called: New Kindergartener Ai Suotome Appears
Episode 1130: Masao-kun, Prisoner of Love
Episode 1131: Mom is Making a Variety of Vegetables These Days
Episode 1132: What is Wrong With Mom?
Episode 1133: What is the Competition Between Kazama and Masao?
Episode 1134: Himawari is Angry at Mom
Episode 1135: Another Day of Commotion in the School
Episode 1136: Playing Dodgeball in School
Episode 1137: Handling Himawari is a Task
Episode 1138: Ai-chan Falls For Me
Episode 1139: Sumo Wrestling Between Me and Kazama
Episode 1140: Himawari, a Fortune Teller
Episode 1141: A Five Year Old Troubles the Elders
Episode 1142: Masao Learns Special Defence Technique
Episode 1143: We Are Going to Meet Yasushi Uncle
Episode 1144: I will Sell Yakiimo
Episode 1145: We Will Trouble Kazama
Episode 1146: A New Fridge in Our House
Episode 1147: I’m a Brilliant Dancer
Episode 1148: I Want Internet
Episode 1149: Me and Dad at a Coffee Shop
Episode 1150: Savings is My Responsibility
Episode 1151: Going to a Video Store
Episode 1152: I’m a Doctor Today
Episode 1153: I Will Show Ai-chan My Talent
Episode 1154: Me and Dad are Going to the Supermarket
Episode 1155: Shiro Has a New Friend
Episode 1156: Watching TV Will Lead Me and Dad into Trouble
Episode 1157: Will I Get to Eat the Yakiimo Brought By Mom?
Episode 1158: We Will Follow Kazama
Episode 1159: A Child Climbed the Tree
Episode 1160: Putting a Lot of Efforts for Action Mask Chewing Gum
Episode 1161: Dad Gives Us a Surprise
Episode 1162: Me and Dad are Going to a Barber
Episode 1163: Himawari is Daydreaming
Episode 1164: Me and Dad are Going Out for Dinner
Episode 1165: A Party in My House
Episode 1166: I Will Give an Audition Today
Episode 1167: Dad Wins a Lottery
Episode 1168: I’m Coming Action Mask
Episode 1169: Mom is Preparing for My School Function / Mom Will Visit My School
Episode 1170: I Will Eat Out Today
Episode 1171: I will Watch Action Mask Movie
Episode 1172: We are Going on a Trip
Episode 1173: Buriburizaemon’s Adventure Gold Finger Gin-chan
Episode 1174: An Action Mask gift (1998)
Episode 1175: We Are Planning to Build a House
Episode 1176: Daddy is Very Unlucky
Episode 1177: The jungle that calls the storm is open to the public
Episode 1178: Eating Snacks Secretly
Episode 1179: Dad and I Will Play Action Mask
Episode 1180: I Found a Cell Phone in the Park
Episode 1181: Ai-chan Pays a Visit
Episode 1182: A Samurai’s Story
Episode 1183: Dad and I Will Do the Housework
Episode 1184: What is Masao so Afraid of?
Episode 1185: A Samurai’s Story
Episode 1186: I Want Action Mask Shoes
Episode 1187: I will return to my Parents’ house
Episode 1188: I shall Stay Alone
Episode 1189: I Will Teach Everyone Good Habits
Episode 1190: I Want a Hamster
Episode 1191: Why is Mom Angry?
Episode 1192: A Burglar in Our House / A Detective in Our House
Episode 1193: Will a New Member Join Kasukabe Defence Force
Episode 1194: Uncle, You Should Not Do This
Episode 1195: Dad Has No Rest Even On a Sunday
Episode 1196: Miss Yoshinaga is Sick
Episode 1197: I Will Meet the Saint
Episode 1198: Miss Yoshinaga is Leaving Us
Episode 1199: Arguments About the Wedding Day
Episode 1200: Preparations for Miss Yoshinaga’s Wedding Day
Episode 1201: Nanako and Me Will Participate in a Fancy Dress
Episode 1202: Miss Yoshinaga Has Doubts About the Wedding
Episode 1203: Today is the Wedding
Episode 1204: Miss Yoshinaga Lives Like a Married Woman
Episode 1205: Will Dad and Me Record a Video of Yoshirin?
Episode 1206: Will Our Dreams Come True?
Episode 1207: Where Did Miss Yoshinaga’s Post Card Disappear?
Episode 1208: I Will Learn to Surf / Norio’s Surfing Story / Overcome Your Fears
Episode 1209: I Saw a Weird Dream
Episode 1210: I Will Meet My Twin
Episode 1211: Who is This New Person?
Episode 1212: I Will Play Sugoroku
Episode 1213: Dinner Smells Good
Episode 1214: Who Will Win? Mom Or Me
Episode 1215: Getting Over the Hot Summer
Episode 1216: Who Amongst Mom and Dad Will Win?
Episode 1217: Micchi is Unwell
Episode 1218: If I Was Shiro
Episode 1219: Nanako At My Place
Episode 1220: What is Wrong With Nene-chan?
Episode 1221: The Jailhouse Story
Episode 1222: My Onigiri is Delicious
Episode 1223: Being Patient is Fruitful
Episode 1224: On a Flight to Australia / I Gave Miss Yoshinaga a Surprise / We Are On an Australia Tour
Episode 1225: Snorkelling is Fun / Mountain Climbing With Risk
Episode 1226: Treasure hunter Misae
Episode 1227: Delivering Dad’s forgotten things (1997)
Episode 1228: Delivered on the train
Episode 1229: I got lost in the middle of delivery
Episode 1230: The Futaba Angels
Episode 1231: I Want to Get an Allowance
Episode 1232: Dad Wants an Allowance Too
Episode 1233: Dad’s Golf Plans / Picnic on the Golf Course
Episode 1234: Kazama’s Nightmare
Episode 1235: Mom Wants a New Cycle
Episode 1236: Our Bicycle Has Been Stolen
Episode 1237: Fight Principal-Man! Act 1
Episode 1238: Teacher Yoshinaga’s Married Life
Episode 1239: Making a Lovely Album
Episode 1240: Fight Principal-Man! Act 2
Episode 1241: Mom is Forced to Return the Things
Episode 1242: What are Mom and Dad Secretly Talking?
Episode 1243: Petit Petit Himawari
Episode 1244: My Friendship With Masao
Episode 1245: Mom has a Good Mood Today
Episode 1246: Fight Principal-Man! Act 3
Episode 1247: The Quest For a Kappa
Episode 1248: Mom’s Medical Checkup
Episode 1249: Fight Principal-Man! Act 4
Episode 1250: Mom and I Will Play Cards
Episode 1251: I Will Drink a Lot of Milk
Episode 1252: Petit Petit Himawari 2
Episode 1253: Who Met Miss Matsuzaka?
Episode 1254: A Competition Between Mom and Dad
Episode 1255: Large era special! Kasukabe advisor (2000)
Episode 1256: Octopus is difficult to raise (1999)
Episode 1257: Action Mask Special (1992)
Episode 1258: Esper brothers and sisters The first decisive battle of this century!
Episode 1259: One night on Monkey Mountain
Episode 1260: I’m Going to Yoshinaga’s House
Episode 1261: I Will Wash the Utensils Today
Episode 1262: Petit Petit Himawari 3
Episode 1263: Dad’s Secret Shopping
Episode 1264: Mom’s life
Episode 1265: Tonight is Sukiyaki night!
Episode 1266: A Lot of Money in Our House
Episode 1267: You’ll Repent If You Get Late
Episode 1268: I play volleyball
Episode 1269: The sign is “he”
Episode 1270: Grandpa is Coming Home
Episode 1271: A Debate With Grandpa
Episode 1272: Mom and Dad Wants Grandpa to Return
Episode 1273: Spending Time with Grandpa
Episode 1274: A New Rabbit in Nene-chan’s House
Episode 1275: Nene-chan and her Mother’s Promise
Episode 1276: What is Miss Ageo Making?
Episode 1277: Who Will Eat These Radishes?
Episode 1278: Ai-chan is Coming to Meet Dad
Episode 1279: Where Did Kazama Lose his Bag?
Episode 1280: Ai-chan is Coming to Meet Dad
Episode 1281: I Have to Collect Stickers
Episode 1282: Pencil Shin-chan
Episode 1283: History of the Nohara family
Episode 1284: Ai-chan Will Visit Himawari
Episode 1285: Dad Visits My School
Episode 1286: Bo-chan, a Great Detective
Episode 1287: Nothing Can Be Found in the House
Episode 1288: Investigate the behavior
Episode 1289: The House is Suddenly in Trouble
Episode 1290: The house is gone
Episode 1291: Looking for a New House
Episode 1292: We’re Moving Away
Episode 1293: We Start a New Life
Episode 1294: Waking Up in the New Apartment
Episode 1295: Greeting the New Neighbors
Episode 1296: Kazama is an Expert in Apologizing
Episode 1297: How many People Live in Our Neighbourhood?
Episode 1298: Prologue
Episode 1299: This Shortcut is Longer
Episode 1300: Our Dream House!
Episode 1301: Do You Have a Part-time Job?
Episode 1302: We Have a Hotline to Our Neighbor
Episode 1303: My Poor Dad
Episode 1304: I Love the Star Festival
Episode 1305: Why is the Rain Not Stopping?
Episode 1306: This Time It’s a Fire
Episode 1307: Masao Catches an Insect
Episode 1308: Playing the Hide-and-seek Game
Episode 1309: What Does Our Neighbour Want to Learn from Mom?
Episode 1310: Micchi and Yoshirin Visit Us
Episode 1311: Cleaning the Webs
Episode 1312: What Did Masao See?
Episode 1313: Doing a Lot of Shopping
Episode 1314: Meeting Nanako
Episode 1315: We’re Exchanging Diaries
Episode 1316: Shiro Comes Home
Episode 1317: My Summer Holidays Have Ended
Episode 1318: Will These Two Be Sisters
Episode 1319: When Will the Rain Stop?
Episode 1320: My Eyes Are Red
Episode 1321: Exams Are Not Easy
Episode 1322: Speaking the Truth Isn’t Tough
Episode 1323: Whom Should I Play With?
Episode 1324: Shin-chan’s a Wizard!
Episode 1325: It’s hard to build a house
Episode 1326: A New Guest in Our House
Episode 1327: I’m Not Scared of Transforming
Episode 1328: Practising for Reyo’s Auditions
Episode 1329: Mom Suffers a Sprain in Her Back
Episode 1330: How Do We Stop the leaves From Withering?
Episode 1331: Mom is Suffering From Fever
Episode 1332: Yoshinaga-sensei is the secret of the teacher
Episode 1333: Everyone loves natto
Episode 1334: Looking for a little kindness
Episode 1335: Dad isn’t attached
Episode 1336: Ai-chan’s recital
Episode 1337: A disappeared Shiro
Episode 1338: Oh! The ranch is wide
Episode 1339: Kazama-kun is in a big pinch
Episode 1340: Do-it-yourself carpenter
Episode 1341: I don’t want to get out of the kotatsu
Episode 1342: I’m jogging even on a cold morning
Episode 1343: Kazama-kun is an Adult!
Episode 1344: I also wears a kimono
Episode 1345: Crayon Wars (1997)
Episode 1346: The 5th family
Episode 1347: A big cleaning in the town



Watch Online Crayon Shin-chan Complete Episode

Crayon Shin-chan (2002-2011)

Episode 1348: Quiet Himawari is dangerous
Episode 1349: Nanako Sister’s Kimono
Episode 1350: Find a yokan
Episode 1351: Masao-kun’s Image Change
Episode 1352: Action Mask’s new special move
Episode 1353: A slapstick fuss in the corridor
Episode 1354: The door is broken
Episode 1355: I want to eat this potato
Episode 1356: I want to see cactus and flowers
Episode 1357: I can’t sleep before the exam
Episode 1358: Shopping on a snowy day is hard
Episode 1359: The Stakeout Detectives Are Here
Episode 1360: A fateful pass announcement
Episode 1361: A big gathering in the apartment
Episode 1362: Yu-chan’s audition
Episode 1363: A make-up artist
Episode 1364: I will never do it for my bride
Episode 1365: Tension including Shinobu tolerant
Episode 1366: Oedo Land Fire (1994)
Episode 1367: Oedo Land Water (1994)
Episode 1368: The secret Bo-chan
Episode 1369: The drive is throbbing
Episode 1370: Red Zukin and Purple Zukin (1997)
Episode 1371: Sci-fi murder cyborg (1997)
Episode 1372: Shiro is a lover
Episode 1373: The cherry blossom viewing of the rub villa again
Episode 1374: No good and bad
Episode 1375: The house is finally completed
Episode 1376: Lisa Aspirin is back
Episode 1377: Rice with soup is delicious
Episode 1378: Hoshi and Deca approach quickly
Episode 1379: Take a walk with the supermodel
Episode 1380: The director’s magic show
Episode 1381: Goodbye Yu-chan
Episode 1382: Farewell to Chub rub villa, Chub rub large investigation line
Episode 1383: Come back to my home
Episode 1384: Shiro is always with me
Episode 1385: Start a new home
Episode 1386: Bath with Dad
Episode 1387: Teachers’ joint party
Episode 1388: I can’t decide on a gift
Episode 1389: The secret door in the new house
Episode 1390: Bo-chan’s Important Thing
Episode 1391: I Rely on Mom
Episode 1392: Introducing Nupan IV
Episode 1393: Clean this time
Episode 1394: Dad’s Kindergarten Visiting Day
Episode 1395: This time it’s really beautiful
Episode 1396: Masao-kun elopes
Episode 1397: Midnight Fushigi taste
Episode 1398: A suspicious man appeared
Episode 1399: Go get a frog
Episode 1400: Did you come to play?
Episode 1401: I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s picnic
Episode 1402: I’m a master of obento
Episode 1403: Picnic is a fuss
Episode 1404: My Tachi Kasukabe Opera Company
Episode 1405: Tutor comes
Episode 1406: Dad’s Secret Email Friend
Episode 1407: Care for hedges
Episode 1408: Uninhabited island survival
Episode 1409: Midnight watermelon play
Episode 1410: Hot and long day
Episode 1411: A walk with Shiro is hard
Episode 1412: Staying childcare is exciting
Episode 1413: Welcome everyone
Episode 1414: After all shaved ice in summer
Episode 1415: Leave directions
Episode 1416: Grandpa in Kyushu is tough
Episode 1417: Grandpa stays
Episode 1418: Same wherever you go
Episode 1419: Shiro’s wedding
Episode 1420: Preparing for a typhoon
Episode 1421: Part-time job is also difficult
Episode 1422: Shiro’s vaccination
Episode 1423: Mom also likes heroes
Episode 1424: I’ve run out of things to change
Episode 1425: I’ll get rid of everything
Episode 1426: Shiro and fight
Episode 1427: Crab tastes like an adult
Episode 1428: Treasure hunter Misae vinegar maiden clan
Episode 1429: Leader Teacher’s strawberry cake (1999)
Episode 1430: Masao-kun who is good at imitating (1999)
Episode 1431: Petit Petit Himawari 4
Episode 1432: Grass baseball tokkun (1997)
Episode 1433: Play with an electric massage machine (1999)
Episode 1434: Gundam Robo broke (1999)
Episode 1435: Red scorpion corps after a long absence
Episode 1436: I got fat
Episode 1437: Do hair manicure
Episode 1438: Preparing to go out is difficult
Episode 1439: Nene-chan’s confession
Episode 1440: I want to take a nap
Episode 1441: Grandpa’s house in Kyushu is fun
Episode 1442: Kureshin Unbalance Zone Petit Devil
Episode 1443: Stay at Hinabita Hot Spring Inn
Episode 1444: Mobile phone is convenient
Episode 1445: Entered the Boy Scout
Episode 1446: Boy Scouts are Fun
Episode 1447: Kureshin Unbalance Zone Burning Majin
Episode 1448: Kureshin Unbalance Zone Ooo No Shinnosuke
Episode 1449: Mom is a cooking teacher
Episode 1450: Matsuzaka-sensei’s worries
Episode 1451: Masao-kun’s lost item
Episode 1452: Paid leave gets tired
Episode 1453: I’m a golf coach
Episode 1454: Mom’s yoga is dangerous (1994)
Episode 1455: Courier has a hard time (1994)
Episode 1456: Feeling happy in Hotai (1998)
Episode 1457: Title
Episode 1458: This is like youth (Episode 1)
Episode 1459: Shopping by car with Mom
Episode 1460: I want a sports car
Episode 1461: This is like youth (Episode 2)
Episode 1462: Shiro and fight
Episode 1463: Aunt Okei’s runaway
Episode 1464: I’m full with help
Episode 1465: Lost in bird watching
Episode 1466: This is like youth (Episode 3)
Episode 1467: Go buy kerosene
Episode 1468: Sledding with Masao-kun
Episode 1469: This is like youth (Episode 4)
Episode 1470: The Hiccoughs Won’t Stop
Episode 1471: Soft-soaping Goes Wrong
Episode 1472: Keeping Goldfish
Episode 1473: Phantom yogurt
Episode 1474: Exchange application tickets
Episode 1475: Read elegantly
Episode 1476: Dashi Stock Shin-chan
Episode 1477: Get pocket tissue
Episode 1478: Nene-chan is scared when she gets angry (1998)
Episode 1479: Shiro was Me (2000)
Episode 1480: Futaba Angel (2000)
Episode 1481: Petit Petit Himawari 1 (2000)
Episode 1482: Petit Petit Himawari 2 (2000)
Episode 1483: Petit Petit Himawari 3 (2000)
Episode 1484: Kazama-kun will advance
Episode 1485: Home visit today
Episode 1486: Home visit today
Episode 1487: Flow board Shinnosuke
Episode 1488: Make yakisoba
Episode 1489: Go to rival kindergarten (1998)
Episode 1490: Rival kindergarten children came to scout (1998)
Episode 1491: Confront rival kindergarten children (1998)
Episode 1492: Tug of war tournament
Episode 1493: Relaxing shopping
Episode 1494: Shut out the bikin
Episode 1495: Leave Gaugetsu
Episode 1496: The ideal face of the director
Episode 1497: I’m a Kendo Master
Episode 1498: Boys Be Ambitious
Episode 1499: Matsuzaka-sensei with children
Episode 1500: Learn kendo for free
Episode 1501: Masao-kun courage
Episode 1502: Dad’s snacks
Episode 1503: Absolutely go to bargain
Episode 1504: Misae Nohara, the last-minute housewife
Episode 1505: Shiro It’s a big strategy of love
Episode 1506: Sword training is strict
Episode 1507: Mysterious glasses
Episode 1508: First kendo
Episode 1509: Last-minute employee Hiroshi
Episode 1510: Moretsu Attack on Mt. Kasukabe
Episode 1511: Musashino Kenta: Introduction to Mom’s Kendo
Episode 1512: Protect the eggs
Episode 1513: Beaten rabbit’s counterattack
Episode 1514: Bo-chan’s treasure stone
Episode 1515: Family restaurant and stress
Episode 1516: I’m Absolutely Byoki
Episode 1517: Masao-kun and Bo-chan broke up
Episode 1518: I also want a bed
Episode 1519: Mom’s intention savings
Episode 1520: Planet of dog
Episode 1521: Don’t mess up
Episode 1522: Musashino Kenta: Introduction to Robert’s Kendo
Episode 1523: Kazama-kun’s premier card
Episode 1524: Swimming In the Ocean with Nanako
Episode 1525: Country life is great
Episode 1526: Everyone can’t sleep tonight
Episode 1527: Flowing lunch
Episode 1528: Misae Nohara, a housewife at the last-minute, pool with children
Episode 1529: DoCoMo Ajii
Episode 1530: Doesn’t seem to have a presence
Episode 1531: Tropical nights are noisy
Episode 1532: Yoshinaga-sensei’s summer vacation
Episode 1533: Musashino Kenta: Dojo Yaburi of the Red Scorpion Corps
Episode 1534: Saturday special Nohara Hiroshi Expedition -Follow the legend of golden business cards!-
Episode 1535: Last-minute housewife Misae went on a trip
Episode 1536: Misae Nohara, a housewife at the last-minute, is thrilled on a hot spring trip
Episode 1537: Musashino Kenta vs. Kasukabe Defense Corps
Episode 1538: Lost in car navigation
Episode 1539: Shiro-san SOS
Episode 1540: Typhoon is coming
Episode 1541: Musashino Kenta: Ryuko’s underwaving love
Episode 1542: Masao-kun, one in the world
Episode 1543: Misae Nohara My mistake is your mistake
Episode 1544: Escort Nanako Sister
Episode 1545: Burglars and tycoons
Episode 1546: Misae Nohara, the last-minute housewife, can’t find any lessons
Episode 1547: Pencil Shin-chan Shinnosuke even in elementary school
Episode 1548: Nohara Hiroshi expedition I saw a secretary-only village in an unexplored region!
Episode 1549: Bo-chan’s love
Episode 1550: Elope with Ai-chan
Episode 1551: Shiro’s CM debut
Episode 1552: Musashino Kenta: Extreme flow has arrived!
Episode 1553: Mom goes to the scenario classroom
Episode 1554: Scenario written by Mom
Episode 1555: Toilet man is cool
Episode 1556: Nanako’s fiancée
Episode 1557: Mom got hooked on a handsome actor
Episode 1558: Musashino Kenta: Kendo Tournament Special Training
Episode 1559: I’m back right now
Episode 1560: Good at buttoning
Episode 1561: Mom’s English conversation
Episode 1562: There is Nanika behind the chest of drawers
Episode 1563: Play the train
Episode 1564: Nene-chan’s rabbit talked
Episode 1565: Pencil Shin-chan Do math
Episode 1566: Goodbye Ai-chan
Episode 1567: Savings can be used
Episode 1568: Title
Episode 1569: Take a photo of your memories
Episode 1570: Large sosaku throughout the house
Episode 1571: I’m the swordsman Shinnosuke
Episode 1572: After all it is a kotatsu on a cold day
Episode 1573: Find lost items
Episode 1574: Special training! Special training! Also special training
Episode 1575: Fun ski school
Episode 1576: Showdown! Weird Kendo Techniques Grand Assembly
Episode 1577: Dad and Mom swapped
Episode 1578: Learn table manners
Episode 1579: Masao-kun is hospitalized
Episode 1580: Action Mask vs. Baron Flower
Episode 1581: Action Mask vs. Baron Flower
Episode 1582: Struggle with Shiro
Episode 1583: Dad is my beloved wife lunch
Episode 1584: Hair dryer panic
Episode 1585: Around the age when children want to consult
Episode 1586: My Family will definitely be late
Episode 1587: Tired of rumbling
Episode 1588: Be careful with Nene-chan
Episode 1589: Savings are delicious
Episode 1590: Beauty Phantom Beauty Akujo
Episode 1591: Help Kazama-kun
Episode 1592: Temptation cake
Episode 1593: One grain is missing
Episode 1594: I want! Chocolate Rin
Episode 1595: Line up in a procession ramen
Episode 1596: Kasukabe: Western in the Wilderness
Episode 1597: Nanako Sister’s part-time job
Episode 1598: Bear’s handkerchief
Episode 1599: This is the neighborhood
Episode 1600: I’m Amanjak
Episode 1601: Matsuzaka-woman’s revenge
Episode 1602: Be quiet in the library
Episode 1603: Be quiet in the library
Episode 1604: Ninja
Episode 1605: Play with my Dad
Episode 1606: Hola! Our Trip to Spain
Episode 1607: My Strawberry
Episode 1608: Aiming for talent
Episode 1609: Dance special training
Episode 1610: Save money if you buy now
Episode 1611: Anomalous real playhouse
Episode 1612: Hey! Taxi
Episode 1613: The walk is delicious
Episode 1614: Make a wood deck
Episode 1615: The latest mobile phone is convenient
Episode 1616: Is Lara’s Mom a doko?
Episode 1617: Mee on the right
Episode 1618: The grudge of cup ramen is scary
Episode 1619: Dad Mom project
Episode 1620: Glasses are cool
Episode 1621: Supporting Kawaguchi’s love
Episode 1622: Buy easy yosoyuki
Episode 1623: Paper robot showdown!
Episode 1624: Tha sea is mufufu…
Episode 1625: Everyone goes to the pool
Episode 1626: Park debut companion
Episode 1627: A walk after the rain
Episode 1628: Go to Kazama-kun
Episode 1629: Kazama-kun Comes Over This Time!
Episode 1630: My Nori Rekisho
Episode 1631: Micchi’s ex-boyfriend?
Episode 1632: My lunch is decided by this
Episode 1633: Suddenly the tragedy of Shiro
Episode 1634: Hima, no entry
Episode 1635: Fishing moat storm is here!
Episode 1636: It rains, it’s sunny, it’s cloudy
Episode 1637: Sprinkle doll set
Episode 1638: Buy new shoes
Episode 1639: Great Bento
Episode 1640: Mom’s nice umbrella
Episode 1641: I can’t put out postcards
Episode 1642: Take the plunge and throw it away
Episode 1643: Toilet training
Episode 1644: Become a Kamishibaya-san
Episode 1645: Dad’s 24 Minutes
Episode 1646: Futaba Kindergarten Athletic Meet
Episode 1647: The fight of a terrifying woman
Episode 1648: Kimono is Beauty Four
Episode 1649: Children’s movies are hard
Episode 1650: Is Matsuzaka-sensei finally getting married?
Episode 1651: I like a cold
Episode 1652: I’ll fix it
Episode 1653: Title
Episode 1654: I want to eat this for lunch
Episode 1655: Warm with Play outside
Episode 1656: Masao-kun has done it!
Episode 1657: Prepare is Ready
Episode 1658: Masao-kun’s life
Episode 1659: Kotatsu’s long day
Episode 1660: Misae detective (deca) innocent school
Episode 1661: Burning audition
Episode 1662: Picked up a kitten
Episode 1663: Become an my beauty
Episode 1664: Hana water does not stop
Episode 1665: Mom makes a cake
Episode 1666: Joint party
Episode 1667: Beware of cute Hima!
Episode 1668: Thank you sushi
Episode 1669: Teachers’ health check
Episode 1670: Bento contest
Episode 1671: Answer the interview
Episode 1672: I’m a dog!
Episode 1673: There is Nanika behind the chest of drawers (2003)
Episode 1674: Dad’s diet
Episode 1675: Mote Masao-kun
Episode 1676: I’m tired and rejuvenated
Episode 1677: Diet from tomorrow
Episode 1678: Watch TV Asahi
Episode 1679: Hiroshi’s crushing days
Episode 1680: Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy
Episode 1681: I love Micchi
Episode 1682: A longing goregous parfait
Episode 1683: Take a walk with Dad
Episode 1684: I can’t use the garage
Episode 1685: Dad likes balloons!?
Episode 1686: Ageo-sensei will guide you
Episode 1687: I’ll grate!?
Episode 1688: Take turns on your mobile phone
Episode 1689: Whistling is huh
Episode 1690: Make okonomiyaki!
Episode 1691: Transformed into Moe-P
Episode 1692: I don’t want to see Matsuzaka-sensei
Episode 1693: I will sign
Episode 1694: Himawari goes otolaryngology
Episode 1695: Caring for Mom
Episode 1696: Go to a hideaway restaurant
Episode 1697: Troublesome
Episode 1698: Make stilts and ride
Episode 1699: I want to drink juice
Episode 1700: Docking with Zuckin!
Episode 1701: Go to the CD shop
Episode 1702: Yukata fireworks display
Episode 1703: Catch Dorcus hopei
Episode 1704: Tataki ticket
Episode 1705: It’s hot
Episode 1706: Atsukuru-sensei is here!
Episode 1707: Walking date
Episode 1708: Play soccer
Episode 1709: Himawari is on top
Episode 1710: You can make an expander!
Episode 1711: Aroma ~ mood
Episode 1712: Petit Fire Po
Episode 1713: Make accessories
Episode 1714: Sprinkle doll set (2004)
Episode 1715: Babysitter is left to me
Episode 1716: Buy new shoes (2004)
Episode 1717: Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Battle of the Warring States
Episode 1718: Nene-chan bent her belly button
Episode 1719: I got matsutake mushrooms
Episode 1720: Getting up early is a great deal for Sanbun
Episode 1721: Overcome weaknesses
Episode 1722: Fire at the athletic meet
Episode 1723: Shiizo-sensei don’t stop!
Episode 1724: I want to eat even with my back
Episode 1725: Goodbye fire!
Episode 1726: Paint
Episode 1727: Hima’s favorite!
Episode 1728: Joint party debut
Episode 1729: I’ll ask you to be alone
Episode 1730: Shiro is also fashionable
Episode 1731: I want to eat yufodu
Episode 1732: Crayon Daichushingura (Cherry Blossoms) (1998)
Episode 1733: Crayon Daichushingura (Snow Roll) (1998)
Episode 1734: I get lost
Episode 1735: I won’t lose to the rain, I won’t lose to the wind
Episode 1736: Yamato of men
Episode 1737: Title
Episode 1738: Giving back to stone statue (1998)
Episode 1739: Penguins repayment (1998)
Episode 1740: Match selling me (1994)
Episode 1741: Eat pizza
Episode 1742: Fill the time capsule
Episode 1743: I ate too much
Episode 1744: My Heart is Elite!
Episode 1745: Mom is raising a child
Episode 1746: I went to a women’s college again
Episode 1747: Take me to ski
Episode 1748: Playing in the snow with Shiizo-sensei
Episode 1749: Himawari is a princess
Episode 1750: Go to a procession ramen shop
Episode 1751: Have Matsuzaka-sensei send it?
Episode 1752: Listen to people
Episode 1753: Family ski
Episode 1754: Mom is a cleaning expert
Episode 1755: Go buy a new car
Episode 1756: Mini Pato’s older sister
Episode 1757: Dad’s important shirt
Episode 1758: Go to a big park
Episode 1759: My Auntie Came to Visit
Episode 1760: Running an Errand (1992) TranslitTitle_1 =
Episode 1761: I Found a Puppy (1992)
Episode 1762: His Name is Shiro (1992)
Episode 1763: Crayon Shin-chan: The Legend Called Buri Buri 3 Minutes Charge
Episode 1764: Collect candy toys and shock garn
Episode 1765: Earn Chocobi
Episode 1766: Oh No! The Family Just Got Bigger Today
Episode 1767: Sogu with the unknown
Episode 1768: Gutara sisters
Episode 1769: Don’t lose Musae-chan!
Episode 1770: Kazama-kun and Shiro’s walk
Episode 1771: Preach to Musae-chan!
Episode 1772: Go out by train
Episode 1773: Formed! New Saitama Red Scorpion Corps
Episode 1774: Wash
Episode 1775: Future Me
Episode 1776: Used for dry cleaners
Episode 1777: Get rice
Episode 1778: When 3 Women Gather
Episode 1779: Go to the driving range
Episode 1780: Excitement at the World Cup
Episode 1781: Get excited with soccer
Episode 1782: Musae-chan’s matchmaking
Episode 1783: Trial English conversation
Episode 1784: Lost friend
Episode 1785: Go to kindergarten with Musae-chan
Episode 1786: Musae-chan way of life
Episode 1787: I can’t keep up with strangers
Episode 1788: Copy Take
Episode 1789: Insect catching beautiful girl
Episode 1790: Leave the answering machine to Musae-chan
Episode 1791: Muchu in Koshien
Episode 1792: When 2 Women Gather
Episode 1793: I produced Yoiko
Episode 1794: Swimming in the Bath with Nanako (2003)
Episode 1795: The air conditioner is broken
Episode 1796: Brief Panda
Episode 1797: Nagure Rabbit Frequently
Episode 1798: The weakest here
Episode 1799: I’m 2 Years Old
Episode 1800: Musae-chan vs. Akita’s grandpa
Episode 1801: First dentist
Episode 1802: Gin-chan’s holiday
Episode 1803: Kureshin Paradise! Made in Saitama
Episode 1804: (クレしんパラダイス!メイド・イン・埼玉)
Episode 1805: I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s picnic (2002)
Episode 1806: (明日のピクニックは楽しみだゾ(2002年)〈再〉)
Episode 1807: Looking back on this year (1996)
Episode 1808: Transcription: Kotoshiichinen no furikaeri dazo
Episode 1809: Battle on your mobile phone
Episode 1810: Transcription: Kētai denwa de batoru dazo
Episode 1811: Lord of the Rings Part 1 Travel Companion
Episode 1812: Transcription: Rōdo Obu za ika ringu daiichibu tabi no nakama dazo
Episode 1813: Lord of the Rings Part 2 I don’t know the 2 towers
Episode 1814: Transcription: Rōdo Obu za ika ringu dainibu 2tsu no tō wa shiranai zo
Episode 1815: Lord of the Rings Part 3 Inpressive Complete Edition
Episode 1816: Transcription: Rōdo Obu za ika ringu daisanbu kandō no kanketsu-hen dazo
Episode 1817: I’m a lucky boy
Episode 1818: Potato digging showdown
Episode 1819: Nohara Family 3 Generations
Episode 1820: Call me Grandpa!
Episode 1821: The heated pool is a paradise
Episode 1822: Shiro does not take medicine
Episode 1823: Red scorpion corps friendship part-time job
Episode 1824: Buy a new suit
Episode 1825: Autumn excursion panics
Episode 1826: It’s hard to put out a kotatsu
Episode 1827: Let Himawari lie down
Episode 1828: Who owns the trash!?
Episode 1829: Musae-chan’s lullaby
Episode 1830: Dad is worried
Episode 1831: Collect candy toys and shock garn (2006)
Episode 1832: Title
Episode 1833: Amiami together
Episode 1834: Bicycle is where?
Episode 1835: I’m worried
Episode 1836: Supporting working Shiro
Episode 1837: I don’t like what I like
Episode 1838: Replace the futon cover
Episode 1839: Dad’s business trip
Episode 1840: Forgotten walk
Episode 1841: First time
Episode 1842: Make the weather
Episode 1843: Musae-chan’s Yakiniku Road
Episode 1844: Good hot water
Episode 1845: I got rid of Masao-kun
Episode 1846: I’m in style world swimming
Episode 1847: The whole family has a fever
Episode 1848: Mikabozu Mom
Episode 1849: I lost what I was looking for
Episode 1850: I’m Nohara Shiro
Episode 1851: Secretly support Masao-kun
Episode 1852: Himawari’s CM audition
Episode 1853: Help kindergarten
Episode 1854: I’m in sushi restaurant
Episode 1855: New face in kindergarten
Episode 1856: Ai-chan and Goka play house
Episode 1857: Clean up with a hero
Episode 1858: The day when I became me
Episode 1859: Patrol the town
Episode 1860: Massage gets tired
Episode 1861: Alone me
Episode 1862: Nene-chan’s important thing
Episode 1863: It’s a decased person
Episode 1864: Enjoy Shumi
Episode 1865: Present for Dad
Episode 1866: Become an astronaut
Episode 1867: Speaking of summer, swimming competition
Episode 1868: Paper bags are very important
Episode 1869: My peppers
Episode 1870: Delivered deliveries
Episode 1871: Stay cool
Episode 1872: Shaved ice is keen
Episode 1873: Catch dorcus hopei (2005)
Episode 1874: Kamen Rider Den-O + Shin-O
Episode 1875: Donut shop with a line
Episode 1876: Shiro’s happiness
Episode 1877: Omoi watermelon
Episode 1878: Don’t take shelter from the rain
Episode 1879: Me, kappa and the end of summer
Episode 1880: Grandpa from Kyushu has arrived
Episode 1881: I tried to get motivated
Episode 1882: Tonight is a barbecue
Episode 1883: Play golf
Episode 1884: Shooting Kessaku
Episode 1885: Messed up with a massage
Episode 1886: Isoro to Isoro
Episode 1887: Today is Sunday
Episode 1888: Lucky girl Nene-chan
Episode 1889: Tissue Prince
Episode 1890: Try a part-time job
Episode 1891: Nohara Shijuro
Episode 1892: Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called The Jungle (2000) (Director: Keiichi Hara)
Episode 1893: Oh No! My Family is Just Got Bigger Today! (2006)
Episode 1894: Don’t lose Musae-chan! (2006)
Episode 1895: When 3 Women Gather (2006)
Episode 1896: Grandpa from Kyushu has arrived (2007)
Episode 1897: Kamen Rider Den-O + Shin-O (2007)
Episode 1898: I’m Nohara Shiro (2007)
Episode 1899: Title
Episode 1900: Return home to Akita
Episode 1901: Celebration! Nantes!! Departure of youth
Episode 1902: I’ll play with Dad
Episode 1903: Welcome back Musae-chan!
Episode 1904: Aim for World Champion
Episode 1905: Mom revolution
Episode 1906: Taking Care of the House With Kazama
Episode 1907: Be careful of what you have left behind
Episode 1908: Take a matchmaking photo
Episode 1909: Help Masao-kun
Episode 1910: Children’s beauty salon
Episode 1911: Eco! Go out
Episode 1912: Hard under the ladder
Episode 1913: The Refrigerator Broke
Episode 1914: Nene’s Illusion
Episode 1915: My Doodle is Fine Art
Episode 1916: A kindergarten child who does not call a storm
Episode 1917: Sushi Prince!
Episode 1918: Walking
Episode 1919: Store pretend
Episode 1920: I got new tea
Episode 1921: I become a bodyguard
Episode 1922: Secret character lunch
Episode 1923: I decide
Episode 1924: And everyone became a criminal
Episode 1925: Find socks!
Episode 1926: Weak to stuffed hodai
Episode 1927: Dad Left
Episode 1928: Nene is in Love
Episode 1929: I went to a yakitori shop
Episode 1930: It’s hard to walk around Shiro!
Episode 1931: Mom is late
Episode 1932: Red scorpion corps nursery school
Episode 1933: Cut Himawari’s claws
Episode 1934: Birthday party without appointment
Episode 1935: Gasoline barely
Episode 1936: The secret love of the leader
Episode 1937: The slap lottery!
Episode 1938: Delicious when you go on a trip
Episode 1939: Rainy Sunday
Episode 1940: Shikuyoro at a joint party
Episode 1941: Insect hunter Hiroshi
Episode 1942: See cormorant fishing
Episode 1943: Jori Jori feels good
Episode 1944: What a camp
Episode 1945: Kaminari Gorogoro
Episode 1946: Tan Dad
Episode 1947: I’m not really happy today
Episode 1948: I’m not really happy
Episode 1949: Mom left home
Episode 1950: What if I make up?
Episode 1951: Dad and point get
Episode 1952: Road to athletic meet
Episode 1953: I’m from the morning
Episode 1954: I’m sick with a cold
Episode 1955: Separate garbage
Episode 1956: Kindergarten cleanup
Episode 1957: Hima’s toys
Episode 1958: Wrinkled yellow handkerchief
Episode 1959: Book usage
Episode 1960: We Are Masao’s Assistants
Episode 1961: Smile? Encho-sensei
Episode 1962: Part-time job Mom
Episode 1963: I’m worried about singing
Episode 1964: Mysterious Shinko-chan
Episode 1965: Kazama-kun’s sympathy
Episode 1966: Handmade baby clothes
Episode 1967: Make money with flea market
Episode 1968: Dad and Shiro’s Strolling
Episode 1969: Title
Episode 1970: We’re All in Kumamoto
Episode 1971: The Trio That Gets Each Other
Episode 1972: Matchmaking in Kumamoto
Episode 1973: Nohara Family’s Open Golf
Episode 1974: Find anywhere
Episode 1975: Shinko-chan Again
Episode 1976: The Mothers’ Summit
Episode 1977: A Little Snow
Episode 1978: What Master Is Looking For
Episode 1979: Cleaning With A Rap Song
Episode 1980: Shinko-chan Once Again
Episode 1981: It Takes More Than A Day To Write An E-Mail
Episode 1982: Ai-chan Is On A Diet
Episode 1983: We Go On A Trip
Episode 1984: A wandering husler
Episode 1985: Shinko-chan’s Last Appearance
Episode 1986: I’m a Lion and King 1
Episode 1987: Art is Oekaki
Episode 1988: I’m a Lion and King 2
Episode 1989: Eco! Go out
Episode 1990: Planting Radishes
Episode 1991: Hide and hide
Episode 1992: Nanako Sister and Answering Machine
Episode 1993: Making a Shelf With Dad
Episode 1994: Ai-chan Runs Away From Home
Episode 1995: Finding A Lost Child!
Episode 1996: Shiro’s perch
Episode 1997: It’s a good place
Episode 1998: Connect clay
Episode 1999: It’s A Secret!
Episode 2000: Matsuzaka-sensei is addicted
Episode 2001: Leave Himawari in Child Care
Episode 2002: Norinori at the wedding
Episode 2003: Driving In The Middle Of The Night
Episode 2004: Love Letter Strategy
Episode 2005: Replace the rubber
Episode 2006: Thumbs, Hello
Episode 2007: Crayfish Great Escape
Episode 2008: The criminal is slack!
Episode 2009: Gallery Nohara
Episode 2010: Bento Boys
Episode 2011: Hima’s Pool Diary
Episode 2012: Clean up with an answering machine
Episode 2013: Weekly Saitama Prefectural Office
Episode 2014: Dr. Kazama
Episode 2015: Be quiet at the bank
Episode 2016: Departure of Mom and Daughter
Episode 2017: Stone conveys feelings
Episode 2018: Giving back the vine
Episode 2019: Find the legendary war fan 1
Episode 2020: Shiro’s summer heat
Episode 2021: Find the legendary war fan 2
Episode 2022: Horizontal bar at night
Episode 2023: Take the world
Episode 2024: Memory of Love during the Sengoku Period
Episode 2025: Sengoku is Here
Episode 2026: Nene-chan’s opponent is hard
Episode 2027: I lost the key
Episode 2028: Concut
Episode 2029: Aim for a home run
Episode 2030: Four-leaf clover
Episode 2031: I got potatoes
Episode 2032: Mom vs. Himawari
Episode 2033: Shinko-chan often
Episode 2034: Hima will do it
Episode 2035: I’m not good at Su Su
Episode 2036: Calligraphy is fun
Episode 2037: The mobile zoo has come
Episode 2038: I care about how to hold chopsticks
Episode 2039: Letter to Nene-chan
Episode 2040: Get along
Episode 2041: Appear on the one-on-one calander
Episode 2042: Power up with false eyelashes
Episode 2043: Ageo-sensei’s secret weekend
Episode 2044: Bazzar in kindergarten
Episode 2045: Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back (2001) (Director: Keiichi Hara)
Episode 2046: Snow Prince
Episode 2047: Title
Episode 2048: Encho-sensei’s Misfortune
Episode 2049: I Got a High-class Chocolate!
Episode 2050: What About the Future!?
Episode 2051: Shinko-chan Again!
Episode 2052: Clean Up the Cardboard Box
Episode 2053: What About the Future!? 2
Episode 2054: Chocobi’s Factory Tour
Episode 2055: Action Mask Towel
Episode 2056: What About the Future!? 3
Episode 2057: The Trip to Perth is Memorable
Episode 2058: What About the Future!? 4
Episode 2059: Kasukabe Large Set
Episode 2060: I Saw the Housekeeping Agency!
Episode 2061: Under the Coat…
Episode 2062: Ask a Shooting Star
Episode 2063: The Drive that Came Out
Episode 2064: I Want to Eat Yakiimo Anymore
Episode 2065: Kasukabe Time Patrol Corps I Want to See My Bride
Episode 2066: Kasukabe Time Patrol Corps The Secret of the Birth of Me
Episode 2067: First Dentist (2006)
Episode 2068: Future Us (2006)
Episode 2069: Apply for the Sweepstakes
Episode 2070: Matsuzaka-sensei, Finally
Episode 2071: Shiro is Going
Episode 2072: Returned Office Worker Shinnosuke
Episode 2073: Dream Autograph Signing
Episode 2074: Bo-chan and Himawari
Episode 2075: Far Away from Sugoroku
Episode 2076: Dad is Working Out
Episode 2077: Decorating the Stroller
Episode 2078: Escorting Nene-chan
Episode 2079: Decorating
Episode 2080: My Answering Machine is Pounding, I’m a Little Scared
Episode 2081: Go to Hima’s Event
Episode 2082: Kazama-kun’s Hair Is…!
Episode 2083: Family Restaurant is the Best
Episode 2084: Without Knowing…
Episode 2085: Rock Soul
Episode 2086: Soccer Taro’s Demon Extermination
Episode 2087: Noisy Pedometer
Episode 2088: Too Big
Episode 2089: Shiro-san in Love
Episode 2090: Protect the Carpet
Episode 2091: Get a Sticker
Episode 2092: Hima and Answering Machine Are Throbbing
Episode 2093: Goodbye Micchi and Yoshirin
Episode 2094: The Octopi Are Many
Episode 2095: Goldfish Scooping Showdown
Episode 2096: What Bo-chan Wants
Episode 2097: Water
Episode 2098: 5,000 Yen Juice
Episode 2099: Chocobi World
Episode 2100: Chabudai Demon
Episode 2101: Shiro’s Day
Episode 2102: Walk on the Line
Episode 2103: First Coin Laundry
Episode 2104: Lunchbox at Home
Episode 2105: Dad’s Secret Night
Episode 2106: Team Leader Imechen Strategy
Episode 2107: Akita’s Grandpa is Back
Episode 2108: Yuutsu of the Clothes I Got
Episode 2109: Luxury Cake Shop
Episode 2110: Products with Reasons
Episode 2111: Dad’s Babysitter
Episode 2112: Villains Are Cool
Episode 2113: Go Mushroom Hunting
Episode 2114: Buying Children
Episode 2115: Chasing Nanako Sister
Episode 2116: Running an Errand [Re-1992/4/13]
Episode 2117: Shin-men Hero is Here!
Episode 2118: Shin-men Hero is Here! (2)
Episode 2119: It’s Hard to Put a Compress
Episode 2120: Crayon Shin-chan 20th Anniversary Ayumi Shin Walk
Episode 2121: Lunchbox Battle
Episode 2122: Rabbit Came Home
Episode 2123: Go to the Multiplex
Episode 2124: Ranking without Permission
Episode 2125: Title
Episode 2126: Dead Leaves
Episode 2127: Trial Ai-chan
Episode 2128: Teacher’s Help
Episode 2129: Full of Remote Control
Episode 2130: What’s a Spy?
Episode 2131: Moe-P’s Birthday
Episode 2132: Shin-men 3 Can’s Secret
Episode 2133: With Mochi
Episode 2134: Give a Name
Episode 2135: The Secret Room is Paradise
Episode 2136: A Clean Room is Difficult
Episode 2137: Shiro and Messenger
Episode 2138: Shin-men 4 Hugh’s Love
Episode 2139: Spy the Roses
Episode 2140: Bicycle Commuting
Episode 2141: Spy Clan Nohara
Episode 2142: Super Spy Misae
Episode 2143: Crayon Shin-chan: Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride
Episode 2144: Agent Dad
Episode 2145: Kamen Rider Den-O vs. Shin-O
Episode 2146: Help the Aunt Next Door
Episode 2147: I Want Brothers
Episode 2148: Mom’s Diary
Episode 2149: Kazama’s Dad is Coming Back
Episode 2150: Our Imagination Flies
Episode 2151: Sukeman Mom
Episode 2152: Read Aloud
Episode 2153: Flower-filled Strategy
Episode 2154: Make a Business Card
Episode 2155: Catch Big Fish
Episode 2156: Shin-men
Episode 2157: Teach How to Keep a Dog
Episode 2158: I Got the Money
Episode 2159: Pirates of Aribian
Episode 2160: Hip-Hop Dancing
Episode 2161: Small Me
Episode 2162: I Envy Shiro
Episode 2163: Teachers’ Shopping
Episode 2164: Became a Terretrial Digital
Episode 2165: Futu’s Schoolgirl Time
Episode 2166: Red Zukin and Purple Zukin
Episode 2167: Shin-men
Episode 2168: Mysterious Ring
Episode 2169: Dad Works at Home
Episode 2170: Prince’s Shoes
Episode 2171: Lunch by Car
Episode 2172: Kazama-kun’s Summer Vacation
Episode 2173: Hammer to the Stroller
Episode 2174: General Kid Musae
Episode 2175: Perch in the Countryside
Episode 2176: Nene-chan’s Sticker
Episode 2177: Find Treasure
Episode 2178: Kasukabe Ninja Corps Heavenly / Earth
Episode 2179: Scary DVD
Episode 2180: Let’s Play with My Old Clothes
Episode 2181: Dad’s Lunch is Hard
Episode 2182: I’m a Professional Baseball Player
Episode 2183: A Close-up of Himawari
Episode 2184: Forensic Shin-chan
Episode 2185: Taiyaki Shop
Episode 2186: I Dropped My Wallet
Episode 2187: When My Car Barks!!
Episode 2188: Shin-men Reverse Gonyo Gonyo Strategy! Part 1
Episode 2189: What’s Inside the Box?
Episode 2190: Shin-men Reverse Gonyo Gonyo Strategy! Part 2
Episode 2191: Free Ai-chan
Episode 2192: Save the Galaxy’s Crisis
Episode 2193: Chikuwa and Bean Sprouts
Episode 2194: Discerning Coffee Shop
Episode 2195: Let Ai-chan Experience for the First Time
Episode 2196: Ageo-sensei, Something Strange
Episode 2197: Large Cleaning at the Entrance
Episode 2198: Shin-men Disappointed with Curry-great Strategy!



Streaming Online Crayon Shin-chan Full Season

Crayon Shin-chan (2012-2022)

Episode 2199: It’s the New Year!
Episode 2200: Daddy’s Souvenir Battle
Episode 2201: The Haunted Piggy Bank
Episode 2202: Nohara Family’s Home Escape Strategy
Episode 2203: Flowers for Masao-kun…
Episode 2204: Hima the Guy
Episode 2205: Party of One
Episode 2206: Going to Cairo
Episode 2207: Daddy’s Sunday
Episode 2208: Bo-chan and the Goldfish
Episode 2209: Pants Pinch
Episode 2210: Matsuzaka-sensei Does Shopping
Episode 2211: Together with Bo-chan
Episode 2212: Cooking Rice
Episode 2213: Large Profit 20th Anniversary Movie
Episode 2214: Mommy’s Sprained
Episode 2215: Himawari is a Babysitter?
Episode 2216: Prince Shiro
Episode 2217: Nohara Family in Space (Part one)
Episode 2218: After all siblings
Episode 2219: Nohara Family in Space (Part two)
Episode 2220: The baby’s name has been decided (1996)
Episode 2221: Can Carry Wars
Episode 2222: Sleepover at Nene-chan’s
Episode 2223: Lost at the Cherry Blossom Viewing
Episode 2224: SHIN-MEN Nursing Strategy!
Episode 2225: Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: Operation Golden Spy (2011) (Director: Souichi Masui)
Episode 2226: Two-thousand Yen Lottery
Episode 2227: Aim For the Shutter Chance
Episode 2228: Mommy’s BNP
Episode 2229: The Path to the Gold Metal
Episode 2230: Cooking Classes for Children and Papa
Episode 2231: Ikuji Showdown
Episode 2232: Which is Going Home First
Episode 2233: Solar Eclipse
Episode 2234: Masked Daddy
Episode 2235: Me, Sleeping by Myself
Episode 2236: Search for Shiro
Episode 2237: Protect the Poster
Episode 2238: Not Betraying Action Mask
Episode 2239: Worried Kazuma-kun
Episode 2240: Hating Being Damp
Episode 2241: Special Training for Shiro
Episode 2242: Love Aquarium
Episode 2243: Not Frustrated
Episode 2244: Searching for a New Destination
Episode 2245: Anticipating Summer
Episode 2246: Watermelon Love
Episode 2247: Not Forgetting Action Mask
Episode 2248: Increasing the Women’s Work Force
Episode 2249: Regaining Memories
Episode 2250: Part Time Job at a Beach House
Episode 2251: Getting Up Early
Episode 2252: The Sea is Okay
Episode 2253: Itchy Insects are Getting in the Way
Episode 2254: Pocketbook Defense Corps
Episode 2255: Me and Daddy’s Dinosaur Classroom
Episode 2256: The Salayman’s Sinking Noodles
Episode 2257: Water is Also Dripping on Shiro
Episode 2258: Shrimp Festival
Episode 2259: Ai-chan’s Shopping
Episode 2260: Addicted to Skimmer
Episode 2261: Summer’s Road Home
Episode 2262: A Couple Consulted About a Crisis
Episode 2263: Preparing for the Definite Hour
Episode 2264: Tonight has Lots of Confusion
Episode 2265: The Wolf Man in Kasukabe
Episode 2266: Washing the Curtain
Episode 2267: Playing in Mud Feels Okay
Episode 2268: Mommy’s Nap is a Secret
Episode 2269: Hiroshi Nohara’s Dragonfly
Episode 2270: Take Back the Seal
Episode 2271: Coming to Kindergarten in a Kimono
Episode 2272: Selecting a Memorable Gift to Receive
Episode 2273: Sell the Book
Episode 2274: The Tight Toy Box
Episode 2275: Being Popular is Not the Same as Wood Inlay
Episode 2276: Daddy and Correspondance
Episode 2277: Himawari and My Bear’s Ears
Episode 2278: Cuscon
Episode 2279: Title
Episode 2280: Determining the Captain of the Defense Corps
Episode 2281: Seeing a Dream of Seeing
Episode 2282: Not Unraveling
Episode 2283: Who Angered Encho-sensei?
Episode 2284: Deciding on a Sky Tree
Episode 2285: Kyary Landed
Episode 2286: The Family Travels to Kusatsu
Episode 2287: Keeping up with the Recycle Shop
Episode 2288: Today is Cold
Episode 2289: Shiro and Contest
Episode 2290: Helping of Moving
Episode 2291: Middle Students are Here
Episode 2292: Passionate! Athletic Park
Episode 2293: The Shinnosuke Floating Plate Again
Episode 2294: A Randsel is a Backpack
Episode 2295: Kasukabe Defence Force
Episode 2296: Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called!: Me and the Space Princess (2012) (Director: Souichi Masui)
Episode 2297: B Division’s Gourmet Tower
Episode 2298: Curry Tournament of Dreams
Episode 2299: Horror! Phantom Dentist
Episode 2300: Searching for the Key of Friendship
Episode 2301: Compressing a Futon
Episode 2302: Nene-chan in a Slump
Episode 2303: The Red Scorpion Corps Prohibit Love
Episode 2304: Grandpa’s Visiting Day
Episode 2305: Where is Father’s Fountain Pen?
Episode 2306: Ultraviolet is Scary
Episode 2307: Confrontation! Ninja Land
Episode 2308: Kasukabe Defence Force’s Dissolution
Episode 2309: The Return of P Man
Episode 2310: Go to Shellfish Gathering!
Episode 2311: The Umbrella is Full
Episode 2312: Mommy is Discharged From the Hospital
Episode 2313: Mommy is Admitted to the Hospital
Episode 2314: Enjoying the Hospitalization
Episode 2315: Midsummer Snowman
Episode 2316: Lone Salaryman
Episode 2317: Mommy is Discharged
Episode 2318: Cooling a Watermelon
Episode 2319: I’m Masao!
Episode 2320: Staying in the Country (2011)
Episode 2321: I Want a Room
Episode 2322: Crayon Human Face
Episode 2323: Kindergarten Ghost Story
Episode 2324: Daddy and Pool
Episode 2325: The Mysterious Kaguya-san
Episode 2326: Shiro’s Cat Tower
Episode 2327: Seeing the CM
Episode 2328: Swaying Swing Girl
Episode 2329: Searching for Mommy’s Treasure
Episode 2330: Madame’s Large Rotation
Episode 2331: The Culprit is Kazama-kun
Episode 2332: Handmade Jiaozi
Episode 2333: Bowling Showdown
Episode 2334: Mommy’s Past
Episode 2335: The Ice Cream of Friendship
Episode 2336: Getting Skinny This Time
Episode 2337: Treasure Get in Spain
Episode 2338: Being Chased by Kazama-kun
Episode 2339: Selling at a Flea Mar
Episode 2340: Housecleaning is Noisy
Episode 2341: Make a Dream Cafe
Episode 2342: Title
Episode 2343: Our Home Electronics Products
Episode 2344: Classroom Footrace
Episode 2345: Shiro’s Walking Friends
Episode 2346: Wakasagi Fishing
Episode 2347: Action Mask has Unknown Whereabouts
Episode 2348: Daddy Doesn’t Have Sunday
Episode 2349: Lunch Art Showdown
Episode 2350: Daddy is Walking Full
Episode 2351: Go-chan. is Here
Episode 2352: The Consumption Tax Rose
Episode 2353: The Idol Superior is Here
Episode 2354: Going to Eat Chocobi Ice
Episode 2355: Patience Showdown
Episode 2356: Heal Daddy
Episode 2357: The Space Police Dog – Robo Dog
Episode 2358: Crayon Shin-chan: Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival!! (2013) (Director: Masakazu Hashimoto)
Episode 2359: Brother Masao
Episode 2360: Daddy’s Compensatory Leave
Episode 2361: Lost Piggy
Episode 2362: Sommelier’s Rental Shop
Episode 2363: Going to Father Farm
Episode 2364: Weather Brother
Episode 2365: Get Ai-chan’s Lunch
Episode 2366: Sorting by Moving
Episode 2367: Butler Café
Episode 2368: Shiro and Change
Episode 2369: Experience School
Episode 2370: Play with Domino
Episode 2371: Suddenly! Next to Noon’s Rice
Episode 2372: Cannot Cut the Hard Nails
Episode 2373: Rain Today too
Episode 2374: Adventure to Buy a Swimsuit
Episode 2375: Roots of Roots of Roots
Episode 2376: Changing the LED
Episode 2377: The Soccer Showdown that Absolutely Cannot be Lost
Episode 2378: Wandering Defense Corps
Episode 2379: Sales Lady of Hell Returns
Episode 2380: Musae-chan’s Car Training
Episode 2381: I Saw! Kasukabe City Legend Gachagacha Man
Episode 2382: Musae-chan can Take the License?
Episode 2383: Legend Of the Beaten Rabbit
Episode 2384: Going to Planetarium
Episode 2385: Produce an Idol
Episode 2386: Bo-chan has Become Anxious
Episode 2387: Leaving the Evening Food
Episode 2388: Oyugi Meeting Preparation
Episode 2389: Himawari’s Scary Thing
Episode 2390: Satoimo Digging
Episode 2391: Invective Popular Person
Episode 2392: Going to Women School’s School Festival
Episode 2393: Want to Hear a Rare Voice
Episode 2394: Chase Nene-chan’s Eco Bag!
Episode 2395: Putting Toys Away
Episode 2396: Daddy and Surf Fishing
Episode 2397: Where did the Manuscript go!?
Episode 2398: Losing the Mobile Phone
Episode 2399: At the Smarpho
Episode 2400: Exciting Smarpho
Episode 2401: Year-end Party of Defense Corps
Episode 2402: Title
Episode 2403: The Cozy Hot Water Bottle
Episode 2404: Definitely Pick Up the Stone
Episode 2405: The Snow Inn of Mystery
Episode 2406: Dancing Mommy Number 29
Episode 2407: Orange of Love
Episode 2408: Thank You Very Dog
Episode 2409: Kazama-kun and Shopping
Episode 2410: The Parakeet Came!
Episode 2411: Suspicion!? Daddy’s Photo
Episode 2412: Tennis Showdown
Episode 2413: Honya-san Sign Session
Episode 2414: Michi & Yoshirin and Real Play House
Episode 2415: Thus the Young Couple Bought a House – Part one・Part two
Episode 2416: Himawari Cannot Sleep
Episode 2417: Secret of Under the Floor
Episode 2418: Wearing
Episode 2419: Buy a Cleaner
Episode 2420: Crayon Shin-chan: Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes Back (2014) (Director: Wataru Takahashi)
Episode 2421: Great Bamboo Shoot Raid
Episode 2422: Cannot Enter the House
Episode 2423: Calling on the Internet
Episode 2424: Shiro’s Moving Story
Episode 2425: Seeing Chinanago
Episode 2426: Fracture Daddy
Episode 2427: Produce a Loose Chara
Episode 2428: ~Fracture Daddy~ Attendant
Episode 2429: Pick a Bag
Episode 2430: ~Fracture Daddy~ Remove Gipsum
Episode 2431: Shinobu-chan and Caretaker
Episode 2432: Twins are Here
Episode 2433: It’s Raining in Kasukabe Today, Too
Episode 2434: The Crimson Scorpion Squad Break Up
Episode 2435: Taking a Lock Screen Photo
Episode 2436: Here Comes Zakiyama-san
Episode 2437: A Drone Is Watching
Episode 2438: The Saleslady From Hell Strikes Back
Episode 2439: Summer Trip Meeting
Episode 2440: Pickled Vegetables Debut
Episode 2441: Turning the Table
Episode 2442: Get Up Early with Radio Calisthenics
Episode 2443: The Pure Heart Kakigōri
Episode 2444: Hot Blooded! Shūzō-sensei and the Pool
Episode 2445: Going Camping
Episode 2446: Game with Himitsu-chan
Episode 2447: Himitsu-chan is a Friend
Episode 2448: Catch a Phantom Cicada
Episode 2449: Nagure Rabbit
Episode 2450: The Zoo is Exciting
Episode 2451: Pounding with Octopus Par
Episode 2452: Showdown with Tsumiki
Episode 2453: A Woman Who Throws Away His Mom
Episode 2454: Road Safety Warrior in Love
Episode 2455: Dad and Paper Sumo
Episode 2456: Worry with Masao-kun
Episode 2457: Kendama of the Brave
Episode 2458: Cursed Amidakuji
Episode 2459: Kazama-kun’s Goal
Episode 2460: Shiro the Police Dog
Episode 2461: Ai-chan is Imechen
Episode 2462: Wher〜e’s Daddy?
Episode 2463: Let’s Get a Flatulence
Episode 2464: Relying on a Work Person
Episode 2465: Graduating From a Napping Housewife
Episode 2466: Bibibi with Static Electricity!
Episode 2467: I’m a Worker
Episode 2468: Go to See the Illuminations
Episode 2469: Serious Game with Gloves
Episode 2470: Love Skating Strategy
Episode 2471: Giant Wealth App
Episode 2472: Title
Episode 2473: Go to a Secret Hot Spring
Episode 2474: I Can’t Sleep
Episode 2475: Dad’s Husband for the Time Being
Episode 2476: Nene-chan’s Piano Recital
Episode 2477: Sleepless Dad
Episode 2478: I Don’t Like the Bath!
Episode 2479: Battle of Me and Snow
Episode 2480: Shiro Can’t Sleep
Episode 2481: Shiro Got Fat
Episode 2482: I’m a Fashion Leader
Episode 2483: Mom Can’t Sleep
Episode 2484: Love Through the Glass
Episode 2485: We Want to Stop the Hiccoughs
Episode 2486: Looking forward to making mochi!
Episode 2487: The Supermarket Demonstration Salesman is Here!
Episode 2488: Our Hazard Map
Episode 2489: Catching Meat
Episode 2490: Suspense on the Bullet Train
Episode 2491: (新幹線でサスペンスだゾ)
Episode 2492: Kazama-kun Doesn’t Forget Things
Episode 2493: (風間くんは忘れ物しないゾ)
Episode 2494: Buying New Shoes
Episode 2495: (新しい靴を買うゾ)
Episode 2496: It Involves His Manliness
Episode 2497: Going to Find Miss Nanako
Episode 2498: Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack! (2015) (Director: Masakazu Hashimoto)
Episode 2499: Dad Won’t Wake Up!? (Part 1)
Episode 2500: Art While Sleeping
Episode 2501: Supporting Matsuzaka-sensei
Episode 2502: I Want to See the Face of the Uncle Next Door
Episode 2503: I Got Angry with Kazama-kun
Episode 2504: It’s Hard to Go Out
Episode 2505: Masao-kun’s Masamu
Episode 2506: A rice planting experience!
Episode 2507: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Revival Chapter
Episode 2508: Gathering Things to Wash
Episode 2509: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The Flashing Chapter
Episode 2510: Yoshinaga-sensei is Fired?!
Episode 2511: Bo-chan is Obsessive
Episode 2512: Measure with a Stopwatch
Episode 2513: Scary Dentist
Episode 2514: Shiro and Chick
Episode 2515: Weird Shumi
Episode 2516: I’m in the Mud
Episode 2517: It’s a Good Day to Change Jobs on Rainy Days
Episode 2518: Thread
Episode 2519: Dad is a Shaved Head (Part 1)
Episode 2520: Masao-kun Who Wants to Remember
Episode 2521: Dad and Hell Saleslady
Episode 2522: Did You See Me?!
Episode 2523: Shinnosuke VS Shin Godzilla
Episode 2524: Growing Edamame
Episode 2525: The Adventures of Buriburizaemon: The National Unification Chapter
Episode 2526: Cleaning Out the Fridge
Episode 2527: Shinnosuke the Taxi Driver
Episode 2528: You and Lee Are Here
Episode 2529: I Got a Goldfish
Episode 2530: All-You-Can-Dress is Hot
Episode 2531: Kazama-kun Who Wants to Draw Lots
Episode 2532: Shop at the Last-minute
Episode 2533: Masao-kun Who Has a Heavy Feeling
Episode 2534: I Want to Break the Blocks
Episode 2535: I Want to Eat Chilled Chinese
Episode 2536: Give a Handmade Brooch
Episode 2537: Help Mom
Episode 2538: I Want to Hold Hands with Nanako Sister
Episode 2539: I Want to Show You Magic Tricks
Episode 2540: Playing Company with Dad
Episode 2541: Dice Train
Episode 2542: The Bath is a Battle (First Part)
Episode 2543: The Bath is a Battle
Episode 2544: The Tape Stuck
Episode 2545: Gratin is Hot
Episode 2546: Share a Snack
Episode 2547: Naughty Himawari
Episode 2548: Kanikani Battle
Episode 2549: Support with a Fan
Episode 2550: Buriburizaemon’s Petit Adventure Twilight Edition
Episode 2551: Buy a New Nohara Family Car ① The Car Broke
Episode 2552: Kasukabe International Police Special Investigation Team Chase the Phantom Thief Sleeping Cat!
Episode 2553: Let’s Go See the Autumn Leaves
Episode 2554: Buy a New Nohara Family Car ② The Foreign Car is a Man’s Maron
Episode 2555: I Want to Join the Red Scorpion Corps
Episode 2556: Nohara Family Buy a New Car ③ Finally Buy a New Car
Episode 2557: Search for Musae-chan’s House
Episode 2558: Nanako-sensei
Episode 2559: Game! Figure Skating Castle
Episode 2560: There is a Year-end
Episode 2561: What’s Wrong with Nene-chan!?
Episode 2562: I Want to See But I Can’t See
Episode 2563: Title
Episode 2564: My Shoes Are Missing
Episode 2565: I Want to Get Up Early and Save Money
Episode 2566: Skiing in Akita
Episode 2567: Help the Bookstore
Episode 2568: Himawari Caught a Cold
Episode 2569: Khao in the Shopping District
Episode 2570: I Want a New Pillow
Episode 2571: Sunflower Group Leader Teacher
Episode 2572: Kasukabe International Police Special Investigation Team Chocolate Panic
Episode 2573: Horror French Doll
Episode 2574: Play Outside Even If It’s Cold
Episode 2575: Matsuzaka-sensei’s Shiro
Episode 2576: Ai-chan’s SP Has Changed
Episode 2577: Kumamoto’s Grandpa’s Secret
Episode 2578: Go to See the Stars
Episode 2579: I’m Back! Forensic Shin-chan
Episode 2580: Have a Family Photo Taken
Episode 2581: Tour the Fire Station
Episode 2582: Crayon Shin-chan: Fast Asleep! Dreaming World Big Assault! (2016) (Director: Wataru Takahashi)
Episode 2583: Space Kasukabe Defense Corps
Episode 2584: Fever with Conveyor Belt Sushi
Episode 2585: The Frog Purse is in a Pinch
Episode 2586: Tea Picking at Sayamarland
Episode 2587: Make a Lot of Money with Space Pigs
Episode 2588: Make the Windows Shiny
Episode 2589: Play Golf
Episode 2590: Coming Out Tournament
Episode 2591: Mom Who Can’t Refuse
Episode 2592: Our Twins
Episode 2593: Sumo with Dad
Episode 2594: Coin Laundry is Easy
Episode 2595: Play with Your Neighbor’s Aunt
Episode 2596: Get Sukiyaki
Episode 2597: I Want to Save Luck
Episode 2598: Find a Tutor
Episode 2599: Go to Dad
Episode 2600: Walking on Your Behalf
Episode 2601: Mysterious Procession
Episode 2602: Shiro’s Gorgeous House
Episode 2603: Kasukabe Urban Legend Series Horror Elevator
Episode 2604: Trash Wars
Episode 2605: Jun Walk Has Arrived
Episode 2606: My Scribble Room
Episode 2607: Mermaid Legend of Mystery (Parts 1 and 2)
Episode 2608: A Penguin Arrived
Episode 2609: Beaten Rabbit
Episode 2610: Make Ice Cream with Dad
Episode 2611: Buriburizaemon in 3 Animals
Episode 2612: Go to Eat New Soba
Episode 2613: Hell Saleslady Again
Episode 2614: My Matsutake Conference
Episode 2615: Ai-chan is a Line
Episode 2616: Salaryman Barbecue
Episode 2617: Experience Dog Yoga
Episode 2618: Think of a Special Move
Episode 2619: Bo-chan’s Secret
Episode 2620: We Ducks
Episode 2621: The Menu is the Same
Episode 2622: The 1st Autumn Special Project! I’ve Been Assigned to Work Alone
Episode 2623: Get Through a Pinch
Episode 2624: Nene-chan’s Runaway
Episode 2625: Autumn Special Project Big Shinnosuke vs. Shin Godzilla
Episode 2626: Babysitter is Hard
Episode 2627: The 2nd Autumn Special Project! It’s Easy to Move Alone
Episode 2628: I Really Want to Eat Parfait
Episode 2629: The 3rd Autumn Special Project! I’m Thrilled to be Assigned to Work Alone
Episode 2630: Musae-chan and Cleaning
Episode 2631: Buriburizaemon’s Adventures Legendary Kutsu
Episode 2632: Title
Episode 2633: Match with Sealing
Episode 2634: Mom Helps
Episode 2635: With Nanako Sister and Mochi
Episode 2636: I Want to Collect Treasure
Episode 2637: Mystery at the Snow Festival (Front and Back)
Episode 2638: Frog Returns
Episode 2639: Everyone Has Shiro’s Walk
Episode 2640: After All Winter is Kotatsu
Episode 2641: Stamp Rally
Episode 2642: Thank You for Going to Get It
Episode 2643: Longing for the Red Scorpion Corps
Episode 2644: I Can’t Leave Kazama-kun
Episode 2645: Do You Play with Dad on a Cold Day?
Episode 2646: Take a Photo of the Pamphlet
Episode 2647: Mom Who Wants to Apply Nail Polish
Episode 2648: I’m a Twin Panda Zookeeper
Episode 2649: Crayon Shin-chan The Spring! It’s a Movie! 3 Hour Anime Festival
Episode 2650: Paper Planes That Fly Often
Episode 2651: Challenge Food Lipo
Episode 2652: I’ll Graduate
Episode 2653: Crayon Shin-chan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri (2017) (Director: Masakazu Hashimoto)
Episode 2654: Dad’s Smooth Hair
Episode 2655: Himawari Has Arrived
Episode 2656: Parent and Child 3 Generation Sweets Trip
Episode 2657: Help Ageo-sensei
Episode 2658: Collect Bread Stickers
Episode 2659: Transform into Action Mask
Episode 2660: AI Robo Has Arrived
Episode 2661: Glamping at Me
Episode 2662: Join Each Other in a Beam Picture
Episode 2663: I Was Entrusted with the Secretary
Episode 2664: Make a Bath
Episode 2665: I Want to See Kuroiso-san’s Real Face
Episode 2666: Challenge Smoking
Episode 2667: Pull a Cold and Tie
Episode 2668: Dad’s Health Check
Episode 2669: Play with an Ostrich
Episode 2670: Miracle Dog Shiro
Episode 2671: Masao-kun’s “Address Period”
Episode 2672: Grow Vegetables
Episode 2673: Go to Borrow a DVD
Episode 2674: The Nohara Pudding Wars
Episode 2675: A Defense Squad Meeting
Episode 2676: Just Being Me
Episode 2677: Soft Serve Ice Cream Is Delicious
Episode 2678: Collecting Chore Points
Episode 2679: Me and Bo-chan
Episode 2680: Grab an Eel
Episode 2681: Summer Urban Legend Series I Made Friends
Episode 2682: Summer is Gymnastics
Episode 2683: Summer Urban Legend Series Buses with Unknown Destinations
Episode 2684: Battle with Chickens
Episode 2685: Summer Urban Legend Series Kyoff Fan
Episode 2686: Hell Saleslady Again
Episode 2687: Ball Recapture Strategy
Episode 2688: We’re Goldfish
Episode 2689: Buying New Underwear
Episode 2690: I Want to Be Tall
Episode 2691: Do You Do This Homework?
Episode 2692: Search for Persistant Taste
Episode 2693: Parent-child Marathon
Episode 2694: I Don’t Have a TV
Episode 2695: Scoop
Episode 2696: Search for a Butt
Episode 2697: Ageo-sensei is Thrilled
Episode 2698: Moe-P Wand is Wonderful
Episode 2699: Kindergarten Pretend
Episode 2700: I Want to Sell It on My Smartphone
Episode 2701: Aim for the Center!
Episode 2702: Help with Packing
Episode 2703: Suddenly Grandpa
Episode 2704: Suddenly Another Grandpa
Episode 2705: Carry a Masterpiece
Episode 2706: Super Hot! Roasted Sweet Potato Showdown
Episode 2707: Play Table Tennis with Mom
Episode 2708: Saving Action Kamen
Episode 2709: Ai-chan and Hot Pot
Episode 2710: Title
Episode 2711: Masao-kun’s House’s Floor Heating
Episode 2712: Mochi-Selling Girl
Episode 2713: Build a Great Castle
Episode 2714: Organize the Closet
Episode 2715: Bagworm Kazama-kun
Episode 2716: Family Restaurant Pretend
Episode 2717: Enjoy the Bath
Episode 2718: I Want to Eat Strawberries Deliciously
Episode 2719: Free Time
Episode 2720: Hole-in-One at a Bargain
Episode 2721: Dental Examination of Love
Episode 2722: It’s Been Replaced with Kazama-kun
Episode 2723: Nohara Family’s Treasure
Episode 2724: Doya-kun of the River Otter
Episode 2725: Musae-chan Takes Care of Her
Episode 2726: Find Spring
Episode 2727: Cherry-Blossom Viewing of the Defense Team
Episode 2728: Shiro and a Box
Episode 2729: Trevi Ah
Episode 2730: Crayon Shin-chan: Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys ~Ramen Rebellion~ (2018) (Director: Wataru Takahashi)
Episode 2731: Pick Up Bamboo Shoots
Episode 2732: I’m Koala Shinnosuke
Episode 2733: Crayon Shin-chan: Intense Battle! Robo Dad Strikes Back (2014) (Director: Wataru Takahashi)
Episode 2734: Mackerel Can Survival
Episode 2735: Our Real Playhouse
Episode 2736: Cooking With Nanako Sister
Episode 2737: Kitty-chan vs. Buri-chan
Episode 2738: Our Life Sugoroku
Episode 2739: The Man From Spain
Episode 2740: Amazing Tower
Episode 2741: The Direct Sales Office is Advantageous
Episode 2742: Dad’s Secret
Episode 2743: Super Salaryman Public Bath
Episode 2744: Train Your Hips
Episode 2745: Yuzuman Has Arrived
Episode 2746: Head Spa Feels Good
Episode 2747: Yuzu Band Yuzu Has Arrived
Episode 2748: Yuzuman is a Hero
Episode 2749: Find Me!
Episode 2750: Newborn Red Scorpion Corps
Episode 2751: Chase Himawari!
Episode 2752: Hell Saleslady Who Came to Kindergarten
Episode 2753: Masao-kun is a Great Chef
Episode 2754: Ai-chan and the Beach
Episode 2755: Potsuri and a Single House
Episode 2756: My Blunder
Episode 2757: Mysterious Doghouse
Episode 2758: Grow Shiitake Mushrooms
Episode 2759: Car Wash with Dad
Episode 2760: Kazama-kun is a Summer Resort
Episode 2761: “Naked Boy” Has Arrived
Episode 2762: The Ticket is Dangerous
Episode 2763: Participate in a Dog Seminar
Episode 2764: Kazama-kun Who Can’t Go Home
Episode 2765: Enjoy Alone
Episode 2766: My Work Style Reform
Episode 2767: Mosquitoes
Episode 2768: I’m Not Running Away from Home
Episode 2769: I Want to Drink Tapioca Milk Tea
Episode 2770: Use with Masao-kun
Episode 2771: Picking Up Chestnuts Together
Episode 2772: Himawari is Aiming
Episode 2773: Next Saturday
Episode 2774: Nohara Family Buying a New Car Series ① The Car Broke (2016)
Episode 2775: Nohara Family Buying a New Car Series ② The Foreign Car is a Man’s Marron (2016)
Episode 2776: Nohara Family Buying a New Car Series ③ Finally Buying a Car (2016)
Episode 2777: Dad is a Shaved Head (2016)
Episode 2778: Reform
Episode 2779: Impersonator
Episode 2780: Dice Train (2016)
Episode 2781: Find Apple Juice
Episode 2782: Space Probe Pretend
Episode 2783: What’s Wrong with Nene-chan!? (2016)
Episode 2784: The Female of the Research Institute
Episode 2785: Cosplay Contest
Episode 2786: Bath is a Battle (2016)
Episode 2787: Shiro is a Hairball
Episode 2788: I Want to Get Up Early (2017)
Episode 2789: I Want to See the Glowing Pajamas
Episode 2790: Feeling Like a Good Trip
Episode 2791: Share a Snack (2016)
Episode 2792: Fever with Conveyor Belt Sushi (2017)
Episode 2793: Doctor-X
Episode 2794: Make the Windows Shiny (2017:
Episode 2795: Himawari Caught a Cold (2017)
Episode 2796: Follow the Wrapping Bus!
Episode 2797: I Want a New Pillow (2017)
Episode 2798: Something is Missing
Episode 2799: Gratin is Hot (2016)
Episode 2800: Weird 50-yen Coin
Episode 2801: Masao-kun is Annoying
Episode 2802: Himawari’s Scary Thing (2014)
Episode 2803: Life with Flowers
Episode 2804: Nanako-sensei (2016)
Episode 2805: Where’s Daddy? (2015)
Episode 2806: A Woman Who Throws Away His Mom (2015)
Episode 2807: Kick Bike
Episode 2808: Being Chased by Kazama-kun (2013)
Episode 2809: Who Goes for Shiro’s Walk?
Episode 2810: Oyugi Meeting Preparation (2014)
Episode 2811: My Quiz
Episode 2812: Going on a Drive at Night
Episode 2813: Want to Hear a Rare Voice (2014)
Episode 2814: The Cozy Hot Water Bottle (2015)
Episode 2815: Title
Episode 2816: Love Triangle Baseball
Episode 2817: Hiroshi Nohara’s Dragonfly (2012)
Episode 2818: Pants Story
Episode 2819: 3 Sisters of the Koyama Family
Episode 2820: Not Unraveling (2013)
Episode 2821: Running Combatants
Episode 2822: I Want to Sneak Around
Episode 2823: After All Siblings (2012)
Episode 2824: Passionate! Athletic Park (2013)
Episode 2825: Dropped a Lot of Money
Episode 2826: Daddy’s Sunday (2012)
Episode 2827: Go Home While Doing Something
Episode 2828: See the Continuation of the Dream
Episode 2829: Determining the Captain of the Defense Corps (2013)
Episode 2830: Join the Extra
Episode 2831: Nohara Family’s Home Escape Strategy
Episode 2832: I Want to Eat Miso Butter Corn Ramen
Episode 2833: Himawari and My Bear’s Ears (2012)
Episode 2834: Hand-knitted Hat
Episode 2835: Pants Pinch (2012)
Episode 2836: Play with Ear Rugby
Episode 2837: I Don’t Like the Bath! (2016)
Episode 2838: Red Scorpion Corps, Meat Bun Game
Episode 2839: Can Carry Wars (2012)
Episode 2840: I’m a Stamp Period
Episode 2841: Get Ai-chan’s Lunch (2014)
Episode 2842: I Want to See Dad
Episode 2843: Diet Without Stiffness
Episode 2844: Being Popular is Not the Same as Wood Inlay (2012)
Episode 2845: I’m in Danger
Episode 2846: Time Strict
Episode 2847: Shiro and Change (2014)
Episode 2848: Masao-kun Who Wants to Brag
Episode 2849: I Just Left My Smartphone
Episode 2850: Me, Sleeping by Myself (2012)
Episode 2851: Library Without Love
Episode 2852: Flower Mystery
Episode 2853: Masked Daddy (2012)
Episode 2854: I’m a Super Secretary
Episode 2855: Large Cleaning at the Entrance (2011)
Episode 2856: Trial The Doesn’t Reverse
Episode 2857: Discerning Coffee Shop (2011)
Episode 2858: Mommy’s BNP (2012)
Episode 2859: I Don’t Want to Cry
Episode 2860: Washing the Curtain (2012)
Episode 2861: Calling on the Internet (2015)
Episode 2862: Art While Sleeping (2016)
Episode 2863: Play with Domino (2014)
Episode 2864: A Visit to Daddy’s Office (1993)
Episode 2865: Dad Has No Rest Even On a Sunday (2000)
Episode 2866: My Sushi Restaurant (2007)
Episode 2867: Roots of Roots of Roots (2014)
Episode 2868: Bo-chan has Become Anxious (2014)
Episode 2869: Searching for the Key of Friendship (2013)
Episode 2870: Crayon Shin-chan
Episode 2871: I Don’t Have a TV (2018)
Episode 2872: Erase Graffiti
Episode 2873: Thus the Young Couple Bought a House – Part one ・ Part two (2015)
Episode 2874: It’s Hard to Go Out (2016)
Episode 2875: The Salayman’s Sinking Noodles (2012)
Episode 2876: Curry Tournament of Dreams (2013)
Episode 2877: Handmade Jiaozi (2013)
Episode 2878: Going to Father Farm (2014)
Episode 2879: Seeing Chinango (2015)
Episode 2880: The mobile zoo has come (2009)
Episode 2881: I Want to Eat at the Hotel Buffet
Episode 2882: Secret of Under the Floor (2015)
Episode 2883: Find a Dress
Episode 2884: Great Duel on Futon Island
Episode 2885: Addicted to Skimmer (2012)
Episode 2886: Butt Talk
Episode 2887: Watch Over the Solo Camp
Episode 2888: The Umbrella is Full (2013)
Episode 2889: Our Time Capsule
Episode 2890: Hard Shopping
Episode 2891: Soaked Encho-sensei
Episode 2892: Seeing the CM
Episode 2893: Tonight has Lots of Confusion (2012)
Episode 2894: Closet Nene-chan
Episode 2895: Grandpa Calling a Storm
Episode 2896: Go to Izuko for the Winning Cup
Episode 2897: Love Aquarium (2012)
Episode 2898: Lunch in Front of Kasukabe Station
Episode 2899: Where is Father’s Fountain Pain? (2013)
Episode 2900: Maze with Cardboard
Episode 2901: Dad Teleworks
Episode 2902: Itchy Insects are Getting in the Way (2012)
Episode 2903: I Want to Eat Candy Apples
Episode 2904: Run with Action Mask
Episode 2905: Mom and Coin Laundry
Episode 2906: Kindergarten Reviews
Episode 2907: Shinnosuke the Taxi Driver (2016)
Episode 2908: Cooling a Watermelon (2013)
Episode 2909: Tour a Girls’ School
Episode 2910: I Want to Eat Hamburger Steak
Episode 2911: I Want a Room (2013)
Episode 2912: One-Operated Bathing
Episode 2913: Kazama-kun’s Commitment
Episode 2914: I Want to Hold Hands with Nanako Sister (2016)
Episode 2915: I’m a Witness
Episode 2916: Astronomical Observation on Summer Nights
Episode 2917: Crayon Shin-chan: Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival!! (2013) (Director: Masakazu Hashimoto)
Episode 2918: My Scribble Room (2017:
Episode 2919: Buriburizaemon’s Adventure Resurrection Demon King Bottle
Episode 2920: Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane ~The Lost Hiroshi~ (2019) (Director: Masakazu Hashimoto)
Episode 2921: Ai-chan Appeals
Episode 2922: Wandering Defense Corps (2014)
Episode 2923: Second Life is Buckwheat Noodles
Episode 2924: The Return of P Man (2013)
Episode 2925: Waiting for Me Together
Episode 2926: Getting Up Early (2012)
Episode 2927: Help Excavation
Episode 2928: I’m Worried About Ordering
Episode 2929: The Ice Cream of Friendship (2013)
Episode 2930: Special Training for Shiro (2012)
Episode 2931: Shiro Got Fat (2016)
Episode 2932: It’s Super Shiro
Episode 2933: Cooking Rice (2012)
Episode 2934: Kazama-kun is Lost
Episode 2935: Grandpa and Hell Saleslady
Episode 2936: Game with Bucket Relay
Episode 2937: Break Dad’s Abdominal Muscles
Episode 2938: The Wolf Man in Kasukabe (2012)
Episode 2939: It Involves His Manliness (2016)
Episode 2940: Compete for Mom
Episode 2941: Pick a Bag (2015)
Episode 2942: Wearing (2015)
Episode 2943: Phantom is Hard
Episode 2944: The Sitting Chair is Nice
Episode 2945: We’re Ketsumeishi
Episode 2946: Make a Dream Café (2013)
Episode 2947: Indirect Lighting
Episode 2948: I’m a Fashion Leader (2016)
Episode 2949: Be Careful of Borrowing
Episode 2950: Change Wallpaper
Episode 2951: Road Safety Warrior in Love (2015)
Episode 2952: Dad’s Husband for the Time Being (2016)
Episode 2953: Daddy Doesn’t Have Sunday (2014)
Episode 2954: Eco Bag is Important
Episode 2955: Who Angered Encho-sensei? (2013)
Episode 2956: Toilet Reform
Episode 2957: If Found, It’s Over
Episode 2958: Daddy and Correspondance (2012)
Episode 2959: Fashionable Bancho
Episode 2960: Musae-chan Treats Me
Episode 2961: Our Hazard Map (2016)
Episode 2962: Pounding Mom
Episode 2963: Ai’s Crash Landing
Episode 2964: Housecleaning is Noisy (2013)
Episode 2965: Beard is Also Evil Dad
Episode 2966: Beard is Also Evil Dad
Episode 2967: Title
Episode 2968: Dancing Mommy Number 29 (2015)
Episode 2969: Nanako Sister and Hairdressing Shop
Episode 2970: Compete for Channels
Episode 2971: Bazzar in kindergarten (2009)
Episode 2972: Dad’s Love Love Hospitalization
Episode 2973: Transceiver is Confusing
Episode 2974: Suspicion!? Daddy’s Photo (2015)
Episode 2975: Oden Party
Episode 2976: Go to See the Sunset
Episode 2977: Put on Dad’s Shoes
Episode 2978: Classroom Footrace (2014)
Episode 2979: Shirobo Has Arrived
Episode 2980: Chase Nene-chan’s Eco Bag! (2014)
Episode 2981: Pea Sprouts Grow
Episode 2982: Roll with a Big Ball
Episode 2983: Kazama-kun and Shopping (2015)
Episode 2984: Side Dish Treasure Hunt
Episode 2985: Pull the Tablecloth
Episode 2986: “Nijiiro Carte”
Episode 2987: Chikuwa That Sees the Future
Episode 2988: Today is Cold (2013)
Episode 2989: Encho-sensei’s Ventriloquism
Episode 2990: Dream Home
Episode 2991: Calligraphy is Fun
Episode 2992: Adult Pants
Episode 2993: Clean up the cardboard
Episode 2994: I’m a bad director
Episode 2995: Stupid first story Primitive era mammoth hunting
Episode 2996: Luxury Cake Shop
Episode 2997: Reproduced Mom
Episode 2998: Stupid First Story Primitive Era I Want to Eat Fish
Episode 2999: Ask a Shooting Star
Episode 3000: Buriburizaemon’s Adventure Beauty, the Beast and Me
Episode 3001: The Secret Room is Paradise
Episode 3002: Making Fish
Episode 3003: Primitive Era Edition Various Story
Episode 3004: I can’t Enter The House
Episode 3005: Action Kamen Stamps
Episode 3006: Primitive Era Edition Ai-chan wants Honey
Episode 3007: Misae wants to Drive Somewhere
Episode 3008: I can’t Remember Kazama-kun
Episode 3009: Shiritsu Detective Shinnosuke’s Case File No.1 The Mystery of the Missing Black Cat
Episode 3010: Encho-sensei’s Misfortune
Episode 3011: Loss
Episode 3012: Shiritsu Detective Shinnosuke’s Case File No.2 Challenge from the Phantom Thief
Episode 3013: Power up with false eyelashes
Episode 3014: Shiritsu Detective Shinnosuke’s Case File No.3 Suspect B’s Sil
Episode 3015: Macaroni Empitsu Shin-chan
Episode 3016: Apply for the Sweepstakes
Episode 3017: Shiritsu Detective Shinnosuke’s Case File No.4 Targeted Bachelor (front and back)
Episode 3018: Compressing a futon (2013)
Episode 3019: I can’t go home until I eat a snack
Episode 3020: It’s 4D at home
Episode 3021: Make a business card
Episode 3022: Delusion
Episode 3023: I don’t want to be afraid
Episode 3024: Dad is Working Out (2010)
Episode 3025: I don’t like fights
Episode 3026: I remember my password
Episode 3027: A lot of flowers big strategy (2011)
Episode 3028: Sorting the condiments
Episode 3029: It’s Ai-chan who wants to synchronize
Episode 3030: I know the difference
Episode 3031: The zoo is Uki Wooky (2015)



All Episodes Crayon Shin-chan Series Complete

Crayon Shin-chan (2023)

Episode 3032: January 6, 2023
Episode 3033: January 13, 2023
Episode 3034: January 20, 2023
Episode 3035: January 27, 2023
Episode 3036: February 3, 2023
Episode 3037: February 10, 2023
Episode 3038: February 17, 2023
Episode 3039: February 24, 2023
Episode 3040: March 3, 2023
Episode 3041: March 10, 2023
Episode 3042: March 17, 2023
Episode 3043: March 24, 2023
Episode 3044: March 31, 2023
Episode 3045: April 7, 2023
Episode 3046: April 14, 2023
Episode 3047: April 21, 2023
Episode 3048: April 28, 2023
Episode 3049: May 5, 2023
Episode 3050: May 12, 2023
Episode 3051: May 19, 2023
Episode 3052: May 26, 2023
Episode 3053: June 2, 2023
Episode 3054: June 9, 2023
Episode 3055: June 16, 2023
Episode 3056: June 23, 2023
Episode 3057: June 30, 2023
Episode 3058: July 7, 2023
Episode 3059: July 14, 2023
Episode 3060: July 21, 2023
Episode 3061: July 28, 2023
Episode 3062: August 4, 2023
Episode 3063: August 11, 2023
Episode 3064: August 18, 2023
Episode 3065: August 25, 2023
Episode 3066: September 1, 2023
Episode 3067: September 8, 2023
Episode 3068: September 15, 2023
Episode 3069: September 22, 2023
Episode 3070: September 29, 2023
Episode 3071: October 6, 2023
Episode 3072: October 13, 2023
Episode 3073: October 20, 2023
Episode 3074: October 27, 2023
Episode 3075: November 3, 2023
Episode 3076: November 10, 2023
Episode 3077: November 17, 2023
Episode 3078: November 24, 2023
Episode 3079: December 1, 2023
Episode 3080: December 8, 2023
Episode 3081: December 15, 2023
Episode 3082: December 22, 2023
Episode 3083: December 29, 2023



Crayon Shin-chan Movie

Action Mask vs. Leotard Devil
The Hidden Treasure of the Buri Buri Kingdom (1994)
Unkokusai’s Ambition (1995)
Great Adventure in Henderland (1996)
Pursuit of the Balls of Darkness (1997)
Blitzkrieg! Pig’s Hoof’s Secret Mission (1998)
Explosion! The Hot Spring’s Feel Good Final Battle / Kureshin Paradise! Made in Saitama (1999)
Jungle That Invites Storm (2000)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Adult Empire Strikes Back (2001)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Battle of the Warring States (2002)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! Yakiniku Road of Honor (2003)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Kasukabe Boys of the Evening Sun (2004)
The Legend Called Buri Buri 3 Minutes Charge (2005)
The Legend Called: Dance! Amigo! (2006)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Singing Buttocks Bomb (2007)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Hero of Kinpoko (2008)
Roar! Kasukabe Wild Kingdom (2009)
Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride (2010)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! Operation Golden Spy (2011)
Fierceness That Invites Storm! Me and the Space Princess (2012)
Very Tasty! B-class Gourmet Survival!! (2013)
Intense Battle! Robo Dad Strikes Back (2014)
My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack! (2015)
Fast Asleep! The Great Assault on Dreamy World! (2016)
Invasion!! Alien Shiriri (2017)
Burst Serving! Kung Fu Boys ~Ramen Rebellion~ (2018)
Honeymoon Hurricane ~The Lost Hiroshi~ (2019)
Clash! Graffiti Kingdom and Nearly Four Heroes (2020)
Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy (2021)
Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden (2022)
Great Psychokinetic Battle! Leaping Handmade Sushi (2023)


That’s the complete list of Crayon Shin-chan episodes from the first to the last episode. Everything is in neat order based on the release date of each season. Now you know what the titles of the Crayon Shin-chan cartoon series are. Thank you for visiting the Shaboys site, apart from Crayon Shin-chan you can also see thousands of other cartoons.




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